NOTE: Irene and Joe recorded this piece in July 2023, which means they do not discuss current world events. This is a general discussion around whether or not one should consume the media in relation to nervous system health and trauma healing.

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Are you someone who avoids all current events and what’s going on in the world because it seems hopeless and overwhelming? 

Or, on the flip side, are you an avid consumer of news and media who regularly finds yourself angry and unsure of what to DO about it? 

Today’s NEW long-form interview with Joe Martino is for you. 

Joe is a thought leader and writer and the founder of Collective Evolution and The Pulse, with an affinity for asking the tough questions and exploring the nature of individual and collective transformation. 

I highly respect his work in the media world and am excited to share this conversation with you. 

Joe is also a student of mine—SBSM alumni and member of my professional training program—with an incredible story about how this deep nervous system healing work has impacted his life.  

In this chat, we talk about: 

  • ‘Embodied sensemaking’ and engaging with the world’s chaos and controversies from a place of regulation and curiosity. 
  • Joe’s recent experience falling off a ladder and how he used what he learned via my teachings to release the trauma organically.  
  • The connection between how we make sense of the world (via the news, current events, and media) and our capacity to be with ourselves and our environment. 

My hope in sharing this conversation is to provide listeners with a new vision for engaging with and responding to the outside world (and all the stress and uncertainty that comes with it) from a place of curiosity and empowerment. 

Watch the FULL conversation right here:

Time-Sensitive Announcements


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Find out more about Joe and his work:

Joe Martino’s Instagram

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Collective Evolution

The Pulse


Joe Martino is a thought leader and writer whose work integrates modern science and wisdom teachings to explore the nature of individual and collective transformation. His professional work began in 2009 when he founded Collective Evolution. His platform has brought insights around consciousness, personal transformation, ancient wisdom, systems thinking, and emerging science to hundreds of millions of eyes as it operated for years as one of the top 1000 websites in the world. His 15 years of studying the interplay between individual transformation and societal change have brought forth the concept of embodied sensemaking. Through embodiment, he invites people to explore the nature of themselves, their consciousness, nature, and their connection to society as we undergo a time of great change.

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