Uncovering Our Layers: A Winter Workshop at Broughton Sanctuary

Thursday, November 23 – Monday, November 27, 2023

(Slow your scroll…Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about this all-inclusive retreat experience in North Yorkshire, England, what Irene will be teaching, plus a comprehensive FAQ section to answer questions you may have about this impromptu winter workshop.)

This winter workshop will use Feldenkraisian movement practices as a vehicle to get to know our body and its many layers. It will be an opportunity to reconnect to self, rest, repair, and practice with the one thing we have true control of: OURSELVES.

All teaching will be led exclusively by Irene Lyon.

“There are layers and layers within us that we don’t even understand. New things that come into our world…things that we can’t predict. We can learn regulation but we have to keep going.”
– Irene Lyon

For those who have some established regulation on board and who want to keep going with me as your mentor and guide.


Broughton Sanctuary

Broughton Sanctuary is a beautiful Estate in Yorkshire, steeped in history. It is also the home of Avalon Wellbeing Centre, the UK’s leading Retreat Centre.

Address: Skipton, England, BD23 3AE United Kingdom

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November 23 to November 27

3 Days, 4 Nights

All-Inclusive Pricing Includes:

  • Daily Feldenkraisian Movement Practices (all led exclusively by Irene)
  • Broughton Estate Grounds & Retreat Centre Amenities
  • 4-Nights On-Site Lodging (including scrumptious omnivore-based meals)

Check in time is between 4 – 5:30 pm on Thursday, November 23*
Check out time after breakfast at 10 am on Monday, November 27

*If your arrival time is not within this time frame, please let us know prior to the date. 

Note: Space is limited.

Specifics on this unique winter workshop with Irene

METAPHOR: When the weather is unpredictable, we’ll often tell someone to ‘dress in layers’ or ‘wear layers.’ Having many layers of clothing provides a little extra resource and safety for unknown temperatures.

REALITY: The human body also has layers. The skin, fascia, fat, muscle, bone, its marrow, and all the fluids of the body move and groove throughout our system to protect, drive, and feed our biology.

PRACTICAL: Working with our body via its layers alongside intentional movement, as well as having a keen eye on basic nervous system principles will heighten our capacity to access our natural boundaries. This will also improve our emotional intelligence (because those emotions live in our body and in our tissues)!

TRUTH: When we can tune into, tap into, and drop into these layers with ease, awareness, and intention, we become a little more masterful at true somatic embodiment.


>>IMPORTANT! Please read these FAQs to understand who this workshop is for and not for<<

This workshop is movement-based.

We ask that you have the capacity to lie comfortably on the floor in all positions (on your back, side-lying, on your front) for a lengthy period (30-40 minutes). While we will move in standing and sitting, a large portion of the Feldenkraisian movement lessons Irene will be teaching are floor-based. The capacity to get down onto the floor without needing any aid from a wall, a chair, or a cane is also essential.

Irene will curate the length of lessons and progressions based on the individuals in attendance and the group dynamics, but this will give you an idea about how the day will flow. 

Each day will go something like this:

  • Breakfast at UTOPIA from 8 am to 9:30 am
  • Morning workshop segment runs from 10 am to 11:30 am (arrive by 9:50 am to settle in)
  • Lunch at UTOPIA from 12 pm to 1:30 pm
  • Afternoon workshop segment: 2 pm to 4:30 pm (arrive by 1:50 pm to settle in)
  • Dinner at UTOPIA from 6 pm to 7:30 pm

There will also be scheduled access to the Pool Suite at the Avalon Wellbeing Centre during non-workshop hours. This includes the use of the hydro-massage pool and organic-shaped sauna and steam rooms.


  1. Non-participating guests are not allowed on the Broughton grounds
  2. Broughton Sanctuary is a historic site and we will expect the utmost respect for the estate and all staff

Generally speaking, no.

It will be expected that participants have a basic understanding of the nervous system and its relationship to trauma healing (this learning might be via Irene’s online resources free or paid courses, or its equivalent). If you’d like to get started with this learning, we recommend the New Here Page, Field Guide To Your Nervous System, and/or, if you are keen and haven’t already done one of her structured paid courses, the 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up is recommended. There is no need to complete the entire 21 days, but getting your feet wet with some of the basic practices like Orienting, Following Impulse, Potent Posture, as well as the first Biology of Stress Videos, would be ideal.

While Irene will be open to questions about the nervous system, trauma healing, and other aspects of theory, our time together will be predominantly for Feldenkraisian movement practice, personal exploration, and developing a mini-movement practice one can take with them.

If questions arise that are connected to our movement explorations then of course she’ll be taking those questions while in workshop time.

NOTE: This workshop is not intended as a replacement for psychotherapy or medical treatment.

Irene will be the sole teacher for this three-day workshop and her teaching is always directed to the group. At times, she might offer some personalized support when needed that is movement-based to individual participants. Often she’ll demonstrate on those who’d like to be a demo participant to help the group understand and visualize a tricky movement pattern.

If a participant experiences a trauma release during the workshop, she does not go into trauma processing with that participant. It is up to the participant to ensure they have enough regulation and capacity to be with what might arise during this workshop.

Irene will not be available for personal consultation or private sessions during this workshop or outside of workshop hours.

For the workshop:
  • A water bottle
  • Pen and paper/notebook/journal for taking notes and documenting your experiences (remember: you’ll be creating your own movement practice this weekend!)
  • A cell phone with a camera if you wish to video your movement so you have a memory of specific movements and positions.

A special note about clothing: 

Dressing in layers is recommended! Comfortable clothing that you can move in that isn’t too baggy and isn’t too tight. (Good old cotton is the best fabric for this work. Tight stretchy yoga gear limits your pelvic movement, ironically).

We also recommend bringing waterproof clothing, walking boots/shoes and swimwear or gym clothing (for time in the Pool Suite if desired)

All meals are served at the on-site dining hall called Utopia.

Irene has requested that meals have an animal protein option exclusively for our Winter Workshop participants. For the most part, the cuisine at Utopia is plant-based.

For a sample meal guide, click here: SAMPLE DINING MENU << 

*For food allergies: During registration there is an opportunity to indicate meal allergies. 

An assortment of tea and coffee is always available.


Broughton Sanctuary
Skipton, England, BD23 3AEUnited Kingdom (map)


The nearest train station is Skipton, Broughton Road, Skipton BD23 1RT (there will be taxis at the station and it is only a 10 minute drive to Broughton). Trains from London Kings Cross are only 3 hours (single change at Leeds).


From the M1, leave at junction 42 onto the M62. Join the M606 and follow signs for Skipton. From the M6, leave at junction 29 onto the M65 and follow signs for Skipton.
Broughton Sanctuary is located 2 miles to the west of Skipton on the A59.


Manchester Airport is 55 miles away.
Leeds Bradford Airport is 24 miles away.
The Sanctuary is 42 miles from Manchester.
Heathrow Airport, London, is 222 miles away, with easy bus, train, or taxi access to King’s Cross. To reach Skipton from King’s Cross, please refer to “Train” section.
Gatwick Airport, London, is 259 miles away, with easy bus, train, or taxi access to King’s Cross. To reach Skipton from King’s Cross, please refer to “Train” section.

From Europe:

Access by air or rail is recommended. In addition to the above air options, the Eurostar train connects the UK to France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany and arrives directly at King’s Cross/St.Pancras station. To reach Skipton from King’s Cross, please refer to “Train” section.

*For any additional information about how to get there, please contact us.

With a 16th-century Historic House, the Sanctuary’s 3000 acres offer you the opportunity to retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect to the abundant nature of the surrounding Yorkshire Dales countryside. Explore the rolling meadow pastures, heather moorland, ancient woodland, wild reservoirs, and meandering rivers that are here on your doorstep for a truly authentic country house stay.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder why the Estate is also a popular filming location with production companies from around the world.

This article in the Guardian (published on October 19, 2023) gives a wonderful outline of the estates history, what 32nd generation owner Roger Tempest has been working towards with the property and retreat space, plus visions for the future (and they are exciting visions indeed).


“I’m just trying to do the basics,” he says. “Clean water, clean air, lots of trees, lots of bees. I’m an antidote to urbanisation.”

Roger Tempest

Learn more about Broughton here.

If you are new to Irene, it is possible you don’t know Irene’s long history of teaching live and in-person.

She’s been teaching some form of movement (group fitness, personal training, and Feldenkrais) since 1997!

When she became a Feldenkrais practitioner in 2007 she immersed herself in an active practice of teaching regular group classes (called Awareness Through Movement) and specialty workshops until ~2012.

From 2012 -2017, she put all her focus into her private practice and building her online offerings, but then re-ignited this passion for teaching large groups in 2017 when she joined forces with colleague and SBSM guest teacher Elia Mrak to create their signature work called, Up & Down.  Until 2019 Elia and Irene were actively teaching locally and internationally.

This Winter Workshop at Broughton Sanctuary will be her re-entry into the atmosphere of workshopping live and in-person with those who are keen to go that extra mile.

The group teachings for this Winter Workshop will be solely Feldenkrasian in nature, while also bringing in all her expertise in the somatic healing arts.

As the workshop is about a month away, no refunds will be offered.

To register, simply scroll down, select your desired lodging, complete the agreement form and make payment.

If you have any questions or have trouble with your registration contact [email protected] 


Registration is now closed.

Before you register and secure your spot, you must read through the FAQs above, especially regarding the level of movement capacity you need to fully participate in the workshop.

The accommodations listed below are split into 3 categories and all pricing is inclusive of the workshop fee, accommodations, and meals.

  • Single Beds w/ Shared Bathrooms
  • Double Beds w/ Shared Bathrooms
  • Double Beds w/ En-suite


  • Accommodations are in shared cottages with other workshop participants.
  • Before arrival, you will be provided with a secure code that will be used to enter your cottage. Additional details will be provided to you post-registration.
  • Based on demand, additional accommodations may be made available.

Still have questions before you register? Email [email protected].

Lodging – Single Beds w/ Shared Bathrooms

Micklethorn – Earth – Single w/ shared bathroom : Single Occupancy

$2300 usd

Micklethorn – Water – Single w/ shared bathroom : Single Occupancy

$2400 usd

Eden Holiday Home – Cherry – Twin w/ shared bathroom: Single Occupancy

$2500 usd

Lodging – Double Beds w/ Shared Bathrooms

Mill Cottage – Salts – Room w/ shared bathroom : Single Occupancy

$2700 usd

Mill Cottage – Silver – Room w/ shared bathroom : Single Occupancy

$2700 usd

Micklethorn – Fire – Premium Room w/ shared bathroom : Single Occupancy

$2800 usd

Micklethorn – Time – Premium Room w/ shared bathroom : Single Occupancy

$2800 usd

Micklethorn – Air – Premium Room w/ shared bathroom : Single Occupancy

$2800 usd

Stable Cottage – Jockey – Premium Room w/ shared bathroom: Single Occupancy

$2800 usd

Stable Cottage – Tack – Premium Room w/ shared bathroom: Single Occupancy

$2800 usd

Eden Holiday Home – Sycamore – Deluxe room w/ shared bathroom: Single Occupancy

$2900 usd

Eden Holiday Home – Beech – Deluxe room w/ shared bathroom : Single Occupancy (Ground Floor)

$2900 usd

Eden Holiday Home – Lime – Deluxe room w/ shared bathroom : Single Occupancy (Ground Floor)

$2900 usd

Eden Holiday Home – Chestnut – Deluxe room w/ shared bathroom: Single Occupancy

$2900 usd

Eden Holiday Home – Oak – Deluxe room w/ shared bathroom: Single Occupancy

$3100 usd

Lodging – Double Beds w/ En-Suite (Private Bathrooms)

Stable Cottage – Saddle – Premium Room w/ en-suite: Single Occupancy

$3200 usd

Micklethorn – Space – Premium Room w/ en-suite : Single Occupancy

$3300 usd

Middle Lodge – Premium room w/ en-suite: Single Occupancy (entire house)

$3700 usd

If you have any questions about this workshop that are not addressed on this page please contact us at [email protected] and our team will help you out.