(Truth be told) I’ve resisted doing this video for a good while now, mainly because I know each human is unique, and what is good for one person won’t necessarily be good for another. 

But … a little while ago, back in May, I caught this YouTube comment (just below) that sparked a desire to not so much share my routine – because I don’t have one – but more so share the array of ‘things’ I do for regeneration and keeping myself in good health.

healthy nervous system lifestyle

So, from this Instagram post, I asked if folks would like to know a little more about my regimen, not including the obvious things like healing trauma from a somatic perspective and nervous system health. 

The vote was unanimous, therefore I offer you this video!

Here are the key things that I speak about in this vlog: 

Exercise, nutrition, dietary fat, water, sun, gut health, hydrotherapy, detoxing with a specific mineral, EMF’s, bodywork. 

Please know that after I recorded this I realized there were other things I forgot to mention, like solid non-toxic relationships, a daily Feldenkrais (Up & Down) movement practice, and starting to work with the crystalline energetic fields as a way to enter into more meditative practice. Because these pieces didn’t make this video, let me know if you’d like to learn more about them. Shoot my team a reply from this email, and I’ll do round two later this year. 🙂 

IMPORTANT: Please know that my regimen does NOT replace nervous system health and somatic trauma healing work – it complements and strengthens it. Also, we can’t start with every single thing I mention all at the same time, as that would be overwhelming!

Healing, maintaining health, and achieving remarkable vitality is not only a multi-dimensional practice, it is a lifestyle that in my opinion is lifelong and never ending. 

Irene's Musings

This was on my mind the other week, and it was a popular one on my social media channels. 

Something to chew on for our current crazy times. 

healthy nervous system lifestyle

As this above quote alludes to: so much of our fear and the behaviours birthed from fear are often not ours. For the most part, it was someone else’s unprocessed pain, or the pain that was passed on to them, and so on, that never got healed. 

Know that each and every day you have a choice to act and be via self-awareness and conscious action.

* * *

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*Coming on September 6, 2021, I’ll be releasing a new interview with Eddie Stone, the founder of Touchstone Essentials. Stay tuned for this, and a special offer he and his company are offering all of you here! 

^ Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself. All opinions expressed in this video regarding Zeolite and Touchstone Essentials are my own. If you do use the link above, it is an affiliate link therefore I will earn a small commission if you choose to purchase from this link. – Friend who told me about zeolite: https://savannahalalia.com/

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