Today I have a NEW long form discussion (plus a sweet little freebie) for you via another of my most frequent guests, Sarah Kleiner.

This will be our fourth time chatting about subjects like circadian biology, biological eating, deep healing at a cellular level, and now… the essential “how to” info for a stronger circadian rhythm.

Our previous talks are accessible via this YouTube playlist. In THIS chat we get deeper into:

  • Sarah’s personal healing story
  • The importance of morning sun
  • The difference between UVA & UVB
  • The human body’s need for broad spectrum light
  • Metabolic health, ETC, Krebs cycle, energy, electrons
  • Solar callus (what it is and how to build it)
  • Why true metabolic health is LESS about counting calories, and MORE about synching up with the perfectly timed dance between the earth and the sun (aka: circadian rhythm)
  • Sarah’s courses (including a freebie to help kickstart your circadian learning & healing)

Irene's Musings

‘We are nature’ is not a cliché. When we can shift a little bit to understand this and let it sink in, my sense is that we will trip into a different kind of reality, and we WILL flourish and thrive. But I believe it starts with this first truth. And I repeat: We ARE nature. Nature IS us.

Did you know, for example, that LIGHT is actually the main signal that controls your metabolism, mood, and sleep? But since many of us today are amnesic to this innate biological wisdom, healing at the circadian, nervous system, cellular (root) level has to start with learning*… 

circadian health

*And you’re in luck because the freebie from Sarah that’s linked inside our new chat is going to help kickstart your circadian learning (and healing) so you can begin experiencing the metabolic and mental health benefits for yourself. 

It’s time to step into the light, friends! 

PS By the way, circadian practice is the perfect marriage for any nervous system work you may already be doing. And if you’re brand new here or haven’t dipped in yet, good news: improving your circadian health is a key part of stage 1 of the 5 stages of neuroplastic healing sequencing (which you can learn more about here), so you’ll be well on your way with this 101 from Sarah!