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Marathon Q&A with Irene Lyon

2024-06-16T00:43:40-07:00Healing Trauma, Mental Health & Neuroplasticity, Pain & Chronic Illness, Special Topic Lectures & Q&As, Trauma & Survival Physiology|

Today, I’ve got a Marathon Q&A for you. But it’s more than just another Q&A amongst the many (so many!) that I’ve done over the years. I’m sharing this particular Q&A at this particular time for a specific reason (more on that below)...  First, a couple quick notes [...]

Medical gaslighting & healing complex chronic illness

2024-06-10T13:31:14-07:00Healing Trauma, Nervous System Health, Pain & Chronic Illness|

Since starting SBSM in February 2023, Leora has progressively experienced layers of relief and healing that many of these professionals might deem ‘impossible.’ I’m sharing a NEW interview chat with a very special guest, whose story is a testament to the fact that we do not have [...]

How a lack of natural play connects to trauma & nervous system healing

2024-06-05T07:45:03-07:00Healing Trauma, Movement. Awareness., Nervous System Health, Parenting & Child Development|

One of the strongest memories I have in recent years is connected to natural play: I remember being in an open movement space at a retreat centre, moving around on the floor and ‘playing’ with my body, its movements: twisting, flexing, extending, crawling, crouching...  I would always [...]

How to become more accountable with your health practices

2024-04-20T14:57:01-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, Mental Health & Neuroplasticity|

If you struggle with self-accountability, resistance, or procrastination…or feel like you rely on others (gurus, coaches, accountability buddies) to do the “right” thing for your own health and wellness…this week’s short and sweet vlog is for you. In it, I cover:  Where this lack [...]

How to properly use breath when healing trauma and the nervous system

2024-04-21T04:04:26-07:00Spirituality & Somatic Bypass, Trauma & Survival Physiology|

I have a short video for you on an important nervous system health basic—the breath (and how to use it properly when healing trauma at the nervous system level). There is SO much misinformation out there right now surrounding this topic in the mind-body healing world, so I [...]

Moving away from diet dogmas to seasonal and biological eating – with expert guest Sarah Kleiner

2024-04-21T04:06:16-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, Practitioners & Professionals|

I’ve got an expert guest interview for you today with certified Nutrition and Quantum Health Coach Sarah Kleiner of Sarah Kleiner Wellness (formerly the Carnivore Yogi).  As her recent rebrand suggests, Sarah isn’t one to shy away from personal evolution and following her impulse.  The first time we [...]

What real cellular hydration & mitochondrial health is all about – with Carrie Bennett

2024-04-21T04:08:16-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, Practitioners & Professionals|

I have a very special expert guest interview for you with the lovely (and well-informed) Carrie Bennett. She’s a quantum clinician with a ton of important knowledge to share.  You may have caught our chat earlier this year about the importance of sunlight and how it impacts our [...]