At two separate times in my private practice I have had two different people (they didn’t know on another) express some pretty big frustration in their attempts to meditate. Both said the same thing to me, and this is a direct quote:

“…(trying to meditate) was like being locked in a dark room with an angry man screaming at me.”  

I will never forget those words, nor the visual that came with them. 

This vignette leads directly into this topic of neuroplastic healing sequencing and why it is so darn important to understand. It is especially important for us if we want to get off the spinning wheel of only coping and managing the symptoms and struggles that plague us over and over again, and want instead to actually moving past those symptoms. 

Put another way, if you want to heal for real, then understanding (and eventually practicing) what is in this week’s video is mandatory for lifelong wellness and liberation. 

In this video I use the metaphor of building a house and how this is like healing the nervous system: we can’t start the house building process, not well at least, by adding furniture, paint, and groceries into the house before the foundation, structure, drywall, and electricity is there. 

To go back to this ‘angry man screaming’ at my clients who were trying to meditate…it is as if they were trying to put the furniture, paint, and groceries into their house before it was ready. 

Which is code for: they were trying an advanced practice before their capacity to BE with their internal biology, and all the survival impulses that come with it (stored up nicely and often hidden at the cellular and physiological level) was ready. 

For the record here, there ain’t nothing wrong with a solid mindfulness meditation practice, but we must first lay the foundations, literally, within our mind-body-environment connections, so we can be prepared when that ‘angry man’ might rear its ugly head and boisterous voice, screaming at the top of its lungs trying to keep us scared, small, and stuck. 

My expert advice – get prepared for this potentially loud and scary voice and lay those foundations now. You are in the right place to learn how. This is what we teach in my online offerings. 

If you haven’t started with my online offerings, now is a great time to start with the 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up. This self-study course will give you the nervous system foundations that I believe all people need at their fingertips so they can start to become their own medicine and truly put into practice the theory of neuroplastic healing sequencing. You can start it today by heading over here

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