In 2001 and 2008, I dove deep into the practices and applications of the Feldenkrais Method and Somatic Experiencing, respectively. 

These two finds were life and career changing for so many reasons (I talk about this on my about page). 

Then last year, one of my students introduced me to the concept of circadian and quantum biology. 

And now I feel like the summer of 2021 will be another one of those key years, wherein I remember when I was given another ‘hit’ of knowledge that would not only change and improve MY life, but also the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people who follow my advice and direction. Truth be told, it is already impacting my health and the health of those close to me, who are listening to my urges to “pay attention” to this quantum ‘stuff.’ 😉 

So today, my friends, I have the next instalment in my new found passion project, which is all about the importance of the sun and its natural healing properties. 

Meet Carrie Bennett, a quantum clinician who has a very similar story to mine when it comes to our paths post-secondary education (I went on the path of neuroplastic healing and somatic trauma healing; whereas she went on the path of quantum health and circadian biology). 

Our talk is an introduction to the importance of the sun and all of its spectrums. 

We talk about all the rays of the rainbow (i.e., the sun), hormones, gut health, sleep, and much more. I hope you carve out some time to listen this week. 

Because I wanted to keep this talk to one general topic, we decided that we’d do a ‘round two’  to discuss her other favourite areas of cellular health – namely, mitochondrial health and the importance of getting proper hydration to our cells (something fancy called ‘exclusion zone’ or EZ water).

* * *

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