Today, I’m sharing the last special topic lecture in June, that was focused on what it means to be trauma-informed.

This topic might not be what you think, and it was eye opening even for me, to condense my thoughts around this topic and present it in one sitting.

What came out at the end is that we really need to be HUMAN-INFORMED.

(Seems that part got missed when everyone started talking about trauma and the nervous system – so I present it to you here today as a new way of looking at our healing as a species.)

Have a watch and let me and my team know what you think in the comments of this YouTube video.

Seriously, hear me out on this concept of being ‘human-informed.’

Most humans have ZERO clue of how their body works, and with this, we miss important cues coming from not only our insides, but also from our surroundings.

When we live in a disconnected manner from our physiology and its signals, we might not understand that a shivering response, or the bubbling up of tears, or the heat of anger felt in the throat, to give you a few examples, are REALLY important “medicines” that when connected to, felt, experienced, and released keep us healthy.

Animals in the wild can get away without knowing all these things because their higher brains are not as “smart” as ours — meaning, their capacity to override their organic impulses is low, and I’d even say next to nil, in comparison to our capacity to stomach away a lifetime of emotional pain, for example.

Getting ‘human-informed’ basically means becoming a full on apprentice of our human physiology. Not just from a theoretical level, but also a felt-sense practical level.

Here’s to humans becoming more HUMAN by understanding how they work at a much higher and more refined level!