Hello there, 

Last month the focus of my special topic lecture was all on the somatic and nervous system approach to healing sexual trauma. In case you missed it, I wanted to showcase this lecture today.

sexual trauma

While the scope of this subject is broad and complex, not to mention each human who has lived through such abuse will have varied histories, I covered what I believe to be some of the essentials.

sexual trauma

Have a watch!

Here’s some of the topics covered: 

14:22 – Freezing during an attack/trauma

16:45 – Stuck in Fight/Flight and not trusting your environments

18:25 – Connection to chronic illness/pain

20:49 – Intense anger

24:48 – Example of attack on the body but not abuse

28:55 – Example of sexual injuries but not abuse

31:32 – Circumcision in males and females

42:19 – No memory of abuse/trauma

44:26 – Would sexual experiences be more traumatic because we aren’t aware of trauma?

54:37 – Disgust, anger and fear

58:56 – Susceptible to attacks

1:02:07 – Body-care work for healing (chiro, reflexology, etc.)

1:04:03 – How do you stop being prey?

1:05:56 – Survival stress coming up when finally ‘safe’

1:09:08 – How to start titrating and building capacity

1:12:54 – Healthy aggression/annihilation

1:16:03 – Lying down and the trauma with it

1:18:04 – Confronting perpetrators

1:21:53 – Importance of early, healthy connection

There’s a lot of education up there, so if this topic is pertinent to you, but you’re already feeling a little overwhelmed by just looking at those subjects, please know that you don’t have to watch in one sitting. You can break it up into chunks, something we call ‘titration’ in the somatic healing worlds. 

I did a video about this topic of titration a little while back (just in case you’d like to learn about this and why this is so important). 

* * *

Final thought of the moment …

If you’re here reading this and are just beginning to contemplate doing this work to unwire and rewire your nervous system via the education and practices I’ve created, please know you are in the right place and on the HEALING side of history. 

This is not to be taken lightly. 

We are making history here. 

Be very proud.