Can you hack the nervous system to heal trauma?

Got a shortie video for you today (under 10 minutes) ;) ! It’s a small clip from a long-form lecture I did earlier this year, wherein I talk about How is trauma REALLY released? The clip I’m sharing touches on the importance of why we should not ever [...]

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Why non-dumbed nervous system education is essential

When I was in university, one of my fourth year profs came up to me after a presentation I gave, and said: “You know, you really have a knack for this!”  I, never having had anyone give me any praise for doing well in an academic environment, assumed [...]

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When love is not enough & functional medicine for the nervous system with Dr. Aimie

I’m stoked to share a shiny new interview chat with one of my Somatic Experiencing colleagues, Dr. Aimie Apigian.  Dr. Aimie entered into the world of developmental trauma and all things nervous system health when she adopted a little human while in medical school (crazy, I know!).  In [...]

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How is trauma REALLY released? (Plus, ways to keep practicing!)

Did you know each month I do a special topic lecture on my YouTube channel? I want to make sure you caught LAST month’s lecture on How trauma is REALLY released.  It was a popular one and a favourite for many, dubbed by a few to be one [...]

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