Inner work doesn’t have an expiry date

More and more, I've been reminding folks via my Q&A calls and live streams that we've been programmed to, and I generalize here: "Only take care of ourselves when something goes terribly wrong."  Meaning, we wait until it is almost too late to clean up our behaviours, [...]

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What causes dissociation and what it takes to heal

Today’s vlog falls into one of the most commonly asked questions I get:  What causes dissociation and what it takes to heal.  I want to let the video and its education do the talking, but suffice it to say that MANY things can cause what is termed dissociation, [...]

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Healing a hurt soul and finding sovereignty

I’m thrilled to share this new interview with my good friend and colleague, Chris Dierkes.  I first interviewed Chris back in 2017, and we spoke about what meditation is, its origins, the different kinds that exist, as well as the all too common negative side-effects that many mind-body [...]

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4 Essential Elements For Thriving When Stress Is High

Hi folks,  The video I have for you today is a blend of what I’ve been deeply feeling, as I observe an array of intensities unfold in the global arena, along with some practical strategies - elements I’m calling them - that I believe are important for us [...]

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