Is There a Mindfulness Bubble Waiting to Burst?

This article was originally posted by Irene on the Medium platform on November 30, 2016. * * * The mind-body industry is captivating. It’s slick marketing and soulful promises. The hip clothing lines, pretty faces and exotic retreat centres promise to draw us away from the daily [...]

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Is it just the nervous system we need to work with?

A few weeks ago someone asked how it is possible to only work with the nervous system and my jaw dropped because you’d think I would have answered this already via an article or vlog.  Chances are, I have. But probably just in indirect ways when I talk [...]

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How stored trauma creates somatic symptoms (aka: chronic illness)

On January 16, I did a long-form Q&A that was a big hit and I wanted to make sure you  knew about it, especially if you’re someone who lives with chronic illness. This Q&A focused on chronic illness; what it is, how it sets in, and what must [...]

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Why am I waking up in a panic attack? + The last month in review

Today, I’m sharing a brand new vlog and giving you a review of the last four vlogs (just in case you missed them).  One question we get a lot has to do with wanting to know the reason behind waking up in the middle of the night, or [...]

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A simple analogy for nervous system healing

I’ve found analogies to be one of the better tools for teaching complex science, so today I want to share  a favourite I’ve been using the past few years. It shows how learning a second language as an adult, and mastering it, is the equivalent to creating nervous system regulation [...]

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