Polyvagal Science, Getting Calm, & Breathwork

Today I have a short video for you on why simply slowing down our breath to calm our nervous system and reset it isn’t enough, and why it (often) doesn’t work.  There’s so much myth and misinformation out there, so today, I’m setting it straight!  This piece was [...]

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Why we learn to push through when our boundaries aren’t respected

Every now and then, a comment comes through my YouTube channel that creates an array of emotions within me, and reminds me why:  a) my work is super important b) your work is super important My work is being the educator and messenger that I am.  Your work [...]

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Healing religious trauma & navigating faith crises

Today, I have another one of my interview chats for you. Meet Amy! Amy’s story is all about her big awakening and leaving the Mormon faith. While this talk revolves around her life story, religious ‘freeze’ as she calls it, and the departure from her religious upbringings, I [...]

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Real Healing Means Real Feeling

If you’re new here (welcome!) I wanted you to know that I do monthly special topic lectures via my social media channels, with topics discussed late last year being ‘anger as medicine,’ ‘healing adrenal fatigue,’ and ‘healthy vs toxic shame.’ The final lecture of 2020 was a hit, [...]

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