Books I LOVE (plus an open-heart surgery analogy!)

I am often asked about the books I recommend for healing trauma and nervous system health. So today’s vlog is a bit different. It’s about the books I love and recommend, over and over again.  Now, please know that books do not replace the practical work that one [...]

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Understanding The Immobility Survival Response

Have you ever heard someone say, “that person looks like a deer in headlights?” or is, “frozen with fear”?  These words are often used to describe someone who looks frightened and is unable to move.  Today’s video is all about how our body’s autonomic nervous system can put [...]

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Titration Explained: Never rush trauma healing

Hands down, one of the toughest things to grok when one starts their healing journey, à la nervous system level, is that it takes time.  We can’t rush this work. Doing so can be disastrous.  (I have some personal stories around this, but I’ll leave that for another [...]

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Safety & Trauma ‘Maps’ – Why some people feel better in crisis & chaos

A few weeks ago someone asked me this question: “Why is it that some people are feeling better than ever in our current global crisis? Sleeping better, symptoms decreasing, and so on...”  In this week’s video I break down why that might be true for some.  Also, I [...]

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What to do when you ‘want’ to hit your kid

Yes, I know. The topic of this week’s vlog is intense but let’s face it, these are intense times.  The universe has given me a permission slip to talk about the children and why it is utterly important to protect them and treat them with respect, kindness, and [...]

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