Have you ever stopped to consider HOW you orient to the world around you (and WHY)? 

Do you tend to…

A) Stay hyper-alert to all things, all the time (because you never know what’s around the corner, and when you’ll have to defend yourself or your loved ones against the next threat)?

B) Be somewhat tuned-out and tunnel-visioned (because when you “keep your head down” and don’t “look for trouble,” then maybe it’s less likely that something bad or scary will happen)?

BOTH of the above are a form of defensive (survival-based) orienting, and if EITHER of them rings true, I highly recommend checking out this week’s NEW VIDEO to learn more.

In this 15-minute vlog, you’ll learn:

  • The importance (and power) of orienting to the environment around us
  • Hyper-alertness (when we’re stuck in survival-based or defensive orienting)
  • Tunnel-vision (when we’re too scared to look, the flipside of defensive orienting) 
  • The positive side-effects of practicing exploratory (aka: non survival-based) orienting
  • Why orienting is both a foundational tool AND not enough on its own to heal your nervous system

Enjoy the learning! 

*Don’t miss the mentions and further resources at the bottom of this vlog (they include some stellar free resources to get you started, as well as a link to my $19 Drop-In Class on orienting).