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Feeling a little overwhelmed at the start of your nervous system healing journey? 

Know this—that is completely normal. 

When we first enter this world of healing trauma at the nervous system level, there’s much to learn (and unlearn!). 

And if you’re here because you’re seeking relief from a chronic condition or painful pattern in your life, it’s understandable if you’re wishing this work was done yesterday. 

Healing is all about SLOWLY growing a little thing called CAPACITY. 

And here’s the great news: you’re probably already doing some of this without even knowing about it. 

That’s what I’ll cover today: three nervous system practices you might be already doing

If you’re here reading this, there’s a reason. It’s possible that you’ve been through A LOT of tough stuff in your life.

You made it. You’re here now. You can heal. And, I won’t lie to you, this will take time, but trust me, it IS worth it! 

So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the healing you have left to do, pause. 

  • Can you bring some attention to your body resting against the surface you are on?
  • Can you look around and take in something simple but interesting in your environment?
  • Can you visualize something that you know for sure you like – maybe nature, a fun show, music, a favourite colour or favourite food, being wrapped up in a cozy blanket?

With the right education, practices, and support, healing is fully possible! 

So if you’re feeling a little stuck and wondering what you can do TODAY to step toward health and healing—give this week’s learning a watch.

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