Healing from toxins & detoxing with zeolite (interview with Eddie Stone)

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself. If you do use the link located near the bottom of the page, it is an affiliate link therefore I earn a small commission if you choose to continue using Touchstone Essential products in the future. Also, some of [...]

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Helping the kids starts with healing the adults

I was on a podcast show this week, and the host asked me what parents should do when they realize they have done “all the wrong things” with their infants and children.  When I write “all the wrong things” I don’t mean obvious abuses of the physical, sexual, [...]

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My health regimen (20 years in the making!)

(Truth be told) I’ve resisted doing this video for a good while now, mainly because I know each human is unique, and what is good for one person won’t necessarily be good for another.  But ... a little while ago, back in May, I caught this YouTube comment [...]

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Why are some people more resilient than others?

It goes without saying that human beings are not your regular “animal.”  And while I don’t know the historical references that put the word ‘being’ after human instead of ‘animal,’ it’s clear we human beings are unique beyond measure, and because of this, our individual resilience will be [...]

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Self-sabotage: a nervous system & unhealed trauma perspective

About a year ago this week, my special topic lecture of the month was all on the origins of self-sabotage.  It was a massive hit, with comments like these: Because of this topic's popularity, and how this insidious behaviour can paralyze us from moving [...]

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