Softening The Eyes (& the entire nervous system)

The eyes are essentially a part of our brain, and our brain is part of our central nervous system, and all these parts influence how we live, act, and feel safe (or not) in the world.

Working directly with the eyes is one way to shift our nervous system state, and in time it can play a part in restoring nervous system regulation. However, a lot of practices that involve the eyes are “heavy-handed” in practice—in that they ask for too much, too fast, and without a lot of attention, or preparation, to other parts of the body. This can leave a person more overwhelmed or shut down than when they began!

This drop-in class will offer more than simple orienting practices that are common to the Somatic Experiencing worlds, it will bring in Feldenkraisian principles and a variety of subtle movement experiments that will aim to shift the tension and clarity of our vision and whole self.

While this class will be taught in a seated position, if it is possible to lie down on a comfortable mat or carpet, it is encouraged. You can also try both during class. Dress in layers as the system can cool down considerably during these slower moving lessons.

All levels are welcome.


Date: May 31, 2023