Rolling & Relaxing The Spine

This class is all about rolling and relaxing the spine (and the entire nervous system). I teach this class from a more classic Feldenkraisian perspective, along with my own style of bringing in even more detail around our habitual movement patterns, plus some of the basics of nervous system health such as orienting and connecting to the environment.

**Please note: For this drop-in class, you will need to be able to lie on the ground and/or be side-lying. I will not provide modifications for using a chair, standing, or being on a couch or bed — you’re welcome to modify for your own comfort.

**Lying directly on the carpet or using a yoga mat is perfect (or a couple of mats for more cushion). It can help to have a few larger bath towels nearby for some extra cushion, and/or to fold up as a thin pillow when on your back or side-lying.


Date: December 2021