Nervous System Hygiene

The world these days is constantly at our fingertips. This means the world’s stressors, dramas, and traumas (that are often not ours to deal with nor solve) are also at our fingertips. To live well in this current information rich, technological age, it is essential to maintain connection to ourselves and to the natural living world.

Mind-body presence practices abound, but most are not trauma informed and they don’t understand the importance of the mind-body-environment connection. We need to bring in daily practices that cultivate this connection not only with ourselves, but with our environment; practices that work at the level of the nervous system, so we can understand and respond to our neurophysiological reactions and reconnect with the environment in a healthy, resourced way.

In today’s world, without this multi-dimensional, nervous system informed support, we run the risk of not only burnout, but being steered away from our optimal healing and personal journey.

This class will bring in many elements of Irene’s teachings with fun, connection, and sprinkles of theory.


Date: June 14, 2023