Rules & Guidelines For The Healing Trauma Pop-Up Facebook Group!


If you’re new to this deep nervous system work, know that many folks find that at its heart, it’s about becoming who YOU truly are and finally learning what it means to go from living in a state of survival, stuckness and anxiety to a place of hope and potential (it IS possible).

This time-limited pop-up group is designed so members can get a concentrated dose of education and support in learning why it can be so tough to heal, what goes on in the human nervous system when there is trapped stress and trauma, and what must happen so one can heal for real.

My team and I will be here every day to answer your questions.

I will also be doing a series of Q&A calls on my own Facebook Page to answer your questions about trauma, healing it, nervous system health and the power of neuroplastic healing. Whenever we have a live Q&A we’ll post a reminder in this group to let you know about it and all calls will be available for viewing after the live call.

We will be using the 3-part Healing Trauma video training as a way to prompt your curiosities, questions, learning, and of course healing of trauma because when we learn the right stuff, WE HEAL THE RIGHT WAY 🙂

My hope is you walk way with an invaluable education that you’ll take with you for a lifetime. I will also strongly encourage you to get to know SmartBody SmartMind (SBSM), a unique and profound online experience that transforms lives via the power of neuroplastic healing. This powerful group learning opportunity is part theory and part practice and happens only once a year so I don’t want you to miss your chance to be part of this remarkable community in 2019.


A – Make sure you start by watching Video 1, “Why our drive to survive can make it tough to heal.”

B – Be sure to take some time to introduce yourself and see who else is here and what kind of journey they are on.

C – As Video 2 (Untreated Trauma:The Signs, Sources and Science and Video 3 (The Unorthodox Healing Blueprint: What it takes to really heal) come out, dive into those and leave your comments and questions in a post.


To ensure this group maintains the HIGHEST level of integrity as possible, there are some rules that we’ve developed and we ask that you follow them so we can create and maintain a safe learning space.

We enforce them on a daily basis so please stick to them and help us keep this group on track and serving the purpose it is intended to serve.

With that being said, let’s dive in…


No self-promotion is allowed. What do we consider self-promotion?

  • Selling anything – products, services, courses, events, and programs. Anything that you post that tells a person to come work with you or your company will be deleted and you will be removed from the group.
  • Posting your own content such as articles, blogs, videos, or others social graphics. Because we can’t review all content and ensure it is 100% accurate and aligns with the work we do here, we will remove any materials that fall into this category.
  • Posting “free” offers of your own product or service or asking someone to contact you or PM (private message you) to learn more about what you do is a big fat NO.


Do NOT solicit any one in this group or PM a group member without their explicit permission under any circumstances. If you meet someone you want to follow up with simply send them a friend request and you can continue your convo outside the group. This includes myself (Irene Lyon) and all of Team Lyon. If you need to contact us please contact us via our contact page or via email: [email protected]


Because this group is dedicated to healing trauma and because we are all different, and we are all at different phases in our nervous system healing and learning journey, PLEASE remember that we can never know a person’s full story, nor can we ever know what it is truly like to be in their shoes. Never ever assume and always send a lot of love and healing to those who might be struggling.


Encouragement that’s concise and fueled by kindness is gold. Less is always WAY more when we are practicing the art and science of moving away from our head and thoughts and into our body/somatic self. Put simply if you want to lend a “hand” acknowledge someone’s comment in a concise, non-judgmental, and non-preachy manner and wish them well.


It can be really tempting to tell people what to do and how to do it, or to speak about past treatments and programs that have worked for you. Remember that if someone is here, there’s a good chance they tried A LOT already. So be aware of this (very probable) reality for them and let Irene and Team Lyon do the advice giving because that’s why we are here and that is our expertise.

***Here are just a few more tips to help you get the most from this group:


Irene will be doing a series of Q&A calls on her Facebook Page (this page is different from this group). 

We will be sharing those live Q&A calls here in this group once they are complete.

Here is a list of ALL the Q&A dates and times. Be sure to mark your calendar and please note that all are in the Pacific Time zone. 

  • Thursday March 14: 12pm
  • Sat March 16: 4pm
  • Monday March 18: 10am
  • Tuesday March 19: 6pm
  • Thursday March 21: 12pm
  • Sat March 23: 4pm
  • Sun March 24: 12pm
  • Monday March 25: 11am and 6pm

?SHARE & ASK (Don’t be shy!!)

This group is for an enriched conversation around what you are learning in the 3-Part Healing Trauma video training. It’s for your questions and curiosities about the theory you’re learning as well as the upcoming session of SmartBody SmartMind. The more YOU engage, the more you can get feedback and answers and the more others learn. It’s a win-win when you ask.


We are super excited to get to know you!

Now let’s connect, learn from each other and get our healing DNA sparked up for 2019 and beyond! 

?THANK YOU to ALL of you for being a part of this truly remarkable revolution of the nervous system and for working to heal it once and for all. I know we are putting out a lot of good mojo into the universe and she’s feeling it!

Irene Lyon and Team Lyon <3

*PS* Please remember that if you have any troubles accessing my materials, signing up for a program, or come across someone violating our group rules and guidelines do not hesitate to reach out to us via email: [email protected]