(i.e., What Irene Does When She’s Not Talking About The Nervous System)

While my life’s work is to get entrepreneurs out of non-stop adrenaline mode, you should know that I’m also a (short-term) adrenaline junkie! Some fun facts you’ll discover below are that I love adventure, jumping off mountains, and driving cars at 150 kilometers per hour (yes, I am Canadian!)

Here’s more about me that you’d never guess…

  1. I almost started car racing in the late 90’s. But instead, I put 10K towards grad school. (I still fantasize about racing the Formula 1 circuit, driving a petrol-free race car.)
  1. I used to bake while in University late at night to help me stay up studying… Waiting for them to bake that extra 30-40 minutes did the trick. My specialty was banana bread. (I still make a mean and delicious full-of-butter-and-sugar-and-gluten banana bread.)
  1. I’m a kick-ass skier and love dropping into anything steep and fast.
  1. My clay sculptures earned me a few art awards in junior high school. I love that now I get to sculpt human systems, virtually and in person.
  1. I flew paragliders for a few short, adrenaline-filled years. (My favorite spot was in the desert areas of British Columbia, a special spot called Savona.)
  1. I thank my kidneys for working and being so healthy every time I pee.
  1. I’ve had 7 black cats in my lifetime: Puss Puss, Casper, Kitty, Jacko, Sid, Sylvester, and Newton (I got him when I was studying physics.)
  2. Despite passing Calculus with flying colors, I still count my fingers for basic arithmetic.
  1. I figure skated from age 5 to age 22. Loved to ice dance and my favourite dance was The Blues.
  1. Cell membranes excite me. If you’ll let me, I’ll tell you all about how dietary fat influences the insides of our cells.