Here are just some of the cities that my work has spread to… the healthy nervous system revolution is alive and well!


Private Clientele


 “I had to admit when I started I was a little skeptical. I’ve done a lot of “inner block” work, meditation, focusing, etc. I know myself pretty well and my “stories” so I was worried we were just going to go over my same old stories and excuses. Boy was I wrong! In literally what seemed like a few minutes, I slowed down, focus in on myself in a new way despite all the work I’ve done. I was able to quickly make links between problems plaguing my business life and challenges to my health. It was amazing how connecting the strands in these two different areas of my life started to uncover one solution that would work for both. I feel like I now have one simple path and solution to tackle two of the thorniest recurring issues in my life. At the risk of sounding cliche-ish, I was a skeptic but now I’m a believer. Irene is the secret, fast-acting potion that every entrepreneur needs!

– Jo Ilfeld – Ph.D., Executive Leadership Coach. Berkeley, California.

200x200-gretchen-wegner“”I’ve tried everything to heal migraine headaches that come up frequently as a result of the stress I’ve experienced building a profitable business. I trust Irene’s work implicitly and I’ve already experienced that her holistic approach gets uncannily close to the heart of the matter about the ways that my old childhood trauma (that is still stuck in my body, and rears it’s ugly head when my I feel anxious about my business) keeps me stuck and stressed out and in pain. In our short time together, I’ve begun to notice with extreme detail what is happening during my stress cycle, so that I can interrupt the stress, and transform it into energy rather than pain. As I grow my business, I see this work as central in helping me stress less so that I can be of more and more service to my clients and the world.”

– Gretchen Wegner | Academic Life Coach | Oakland, CA.

rachel-200x200“Irene is magical! Yet her magic is rooted in a deep understanding of the human body, human nature backed up with deep compassion, love, and humor. Her work has allowed me access and release trauma that had been tucked away for decades by creating a safe space in which to dive in and express myself in ways that I would have never dared, to let my body finally have it’s say. Afterwards, I felt a full sense of my present day self and deeply connected to my own empowered body.”

– Rachel Grant, M.A. Counseling Psychology. Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach.


“My work with Irene has started an endlessly fascinating process of transformation from the inside out and the outside in. My awareness of my body, of space, of gravity is constantly evolving as I find greater ease in movement and rest. I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

– Thomas Saunders, North Vancouver, B.C.


 “Working with Irene has been a catalyst for deep transformation. Her stress management techniques have refreshed my quality of life. I have noticed my stress levels have diminished since practicing these simple tools, and that when I pause to feel what sensations are going on in my body and look around to take in my surroundings, I can re-calibrate with ease.”

– Luana Auer, Vancouver, B.C.


“I had not slept properly in nearly 10 years from chronic back pain. Now when I go to bed, I am amazed to just lay there without feeling like it’s work to relax or to find a comfortable position. Plus, I wake up in the morning and actually feel like getting out of bed. Being able to just move in everyday life with a sense of natural flow and not having to think about every motion is something I had totally given up due to multiple injuries. Now I take the milk out of the refrigerator without holding my breath like its an Olympic event!”

– Brian Fishbook, Ski Patroller & Firefighter, Whistler & Salmon Arm, B.C.


“Irene has given me a set of tools for long-term overall health and improvement. She’s facilitating you healing yourself.”

– Kira Cailes, Whistler, B.C.


“I have hypothyroidism and usually live with cold hands and feet all the time. I thought it was because of the thyroid problem or simply bad circulation. Since one 90-minute class with Irene – she taught me how to sit properly and get up from a chair with ease – my feet have been warm! It’s amazing how one little shift can change everything in such a positive way!

– Heather Renney, Photographer, Vancouver, B.C.


“Irene brings a beautifully unique combination of right and left brain competencies to her work. She’s a compassionate healer grounded in hard science. Her gentle nature and wisdom allow her to share meaningful insights and practical tools that facilitate growth. Working with her is a joy.”

– Lora Sasiela, Middletown, New Jersey.

Online Courses & Resources


“This course has left me so much more empowered to make changes in my life and handle stress than years of meditation. Irene has found the perfect blend of do-able, helpful and interesting lessons that will appeal to people very new to body work as well as people who have been doing body practices for awhile. Irene has the unique gift to blend the science and the practice into a course that feeds your mind, body and spirit. I was really blown away.”

– Jo Ilfeld – Ph.D., Executive Leadership Coach. Berkeley, California.


“The emotions and memories that came up were like arrows pointing the way to resolving long standing physical pain and dis-ease in the system. With the guided directives, just in the orientation, it took me on a different path of exploration. It was as if a brighter light went on and lit up the corners. I thank you Irene for taking me on this journey.”

– Jane Runnals, Feldenkrais Practitioner & Dance Teacher, Squamish, B.C.

donnie-200x200“I just finished reading your free guide! It’s f&%$ing awesome. Being a former collegiate athlete, personal trainer, actor and cancer coach, body awareness plays a huge role in the work that I do with clients especially when they are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It was great reading your 7 steps because it is damn near exactly what I do with them from what I learned intuitively! Now, it’s great to have the science behind it! So God bless you and the work you’re doing.”

– Donell “Donnie” Hill, CEO & Founder of The Life Maximizer. Hayward, California.

 “TAKE THIS COURSE!! Before Irene’s course, I hadn’t been paying attention to my body’s cues. After the first day, my relationship to stress was permanently altered. Such a powerful start – giving me information I needed to see how I was holding stress IN my body instead of noticing it, tuning in, and using it to my advantage. I began to feel more “myself” when I would tune in and let go of tension in my body. Her genuine care for those she helps is totally present in her voice. I can’t think of a more powerful thing you can do for yourself for such a low investment.”

– Amy MacClain of “Bullet Proof Kids”, Oakland, California.


 “What a lovely tool to have in my self-care tool bag!! I liked the subtle lessons. They were not long so they can be easily fit in with my exercise time! And I will cycle through them again and again because they reset my stress response. The lessons seem to gently “tease” and move the energy that is causing tension and pain in the body. I think everyone should learn non-invasive/self-care techniques before any extreme therapy.”

– Angela Lowrey, Back & Body Chiropractic/Bryant, Arkansas.


“I see so much progress and will be continuing through this course every day from now on. The results? Well, I have been sleeping more, sleeping better, I am brought back into my body by my observer brain many times during the day noticing how I hold my body (my shoulders are up, my breath is held, my knees are locked, etc.), and as soon as the awareness muscle is exercised I immediately relax and come back and inhabit my body. I feel the more I practice this the more my body will appreciate me and will not allow my brain to drag it around or ignore it.”

– Judy Varga, Vancouver, B.C.


 “Irene’s passion and knowledge really shows through in all she does. The course, while chock full of great information, was broken down in to a very manageable series of daily exercises. In addition Irene set up a “closed” (private) facebook group where we could share our experiences and ask questions. I was so happy to see Irene not only encouraging us to ask questions, share insights, and support each other – she was active on the forum herself! It’s obvious that Irene truly seeks to offer the very best to her students.”

– Marianne Strait, Founder – Code Blue Coaching.

violet-van-hees“Irene, what you offer is unique, powerful and potent.  So many people struggling to open up their lives could benefit deeply from this. What you lay out here is key information for anyone involved with body/mind work to know, as well as if you are someone with persistent pain, anxiety, or discomfort (physical or mental) that just won’t go away no matter what you do.  And what I find remarkable is how you are making this kind of very personal discovery and transformation accessible on-line. The shifts that the participants share are profound.  This is important, good work you are doing.”

– Violet Van Hees, Yukon, Canada. Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® | Tellington TTouch® Equine Practitioner.


“At first I was very skeptical of doing this type of work in an online setting. I was completely wrong with any hesitations I had. I LOVE it. I’ve learned so many stress-busting life skills and exercises/lessons that I can incorporate into my daily life. This new set of healthy habits I am building has had an immensely positive impact on the quality of my life. My capacity for dealing with stress has increased greatly, I am also able to catch things before they actually become stress. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their quality of life, efficiency, coping skills and success.”

– Ashley Johnson, Vancouver, B.C.


 “Thank you, Irene, for the opportunity to be guided more deeply into a sense of presence that is the foundation to an internal source of aliveness, joy, peace, strength and love! The exercises and tools really helped me to practice slowing down, being embodied, being present to the moment and myself, and bringing a deep groundedness and sense of calm.”

– Caralie Norman, La Mesa, California.

denise-200x200 “I found that I was soothed just by re-reading this really valuable guide that Irene has offered.  My team and I were attempting to solve a design issue we’ve been having for a while and I felt my body tighten and my temperature rise, my throat was constricted with frustration and not being able to come up with the right words to express my thoughts.  Tension was high.  I excused myself and read through this guide I remembered I had and simply followed the techniques suggested as I read along.  The tension in my body subsided, my thoughts got more clear and the frustration and anger subsided almost immediately.  I was able to realize an effective solution to our problem and return to my team in a calm and powerful state.  It was quite extraordinary!  Irene’s work has a depth and level of effectiveness to it that is already having a huge impact on me and my business. Thank you, Irene!”

– Denise Warner, Breakthrough Catalyst Coach, Bill Baren Coaching. Shingle Springs, CA.