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There’s another way to be a transformational entrepreneur … and it doesn’t include burnout, anxiety, playing small, compare/despair, or self-sabotage before your next big breakthrough.

The secret to this other way is in your nervous system. (That’s where all those physical, mental, and emotional blocks still holding you back are stuck.) The good news is: they can all be cleared out. And I can help you do it. Then, here’s what can happen…

How about launching that next big program without needing 3 days in bed recuperating once the cart has closed? You can get to your next level and get more done without burning yourself out in the process. (Yep, you can have MORE energy and focus to live your mission in the world — and the confidence to play BIG.)

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Want better sleep, digestion, or metabolism? Answer: Regulate Your Nervous System. Want less anxiety, brain fog, or chronic pain? Answer: Regulate Your Nervous System. If you’ve got a health issue (big or small), rewiring your nervous system can lead to a 180-degree turnaround.Learn More
Old patterns still showing up in your relationships (even after trying therapy and coaching)? Through clearing out the old traumas in your system, you can have the communicative, loving, respectful, supportive relationships you crave.Learn More
That deep down feeling in your gut is not imaginary. You ARE here to make a global impact. To handle bigger opportunities, more visibility, larger pressures and demands, your body needs to be working with you. Let’s get your body and mind ready for that global impact you’re here to make.Learn More
“Irene’s presentation for entrepreneurs on regulating the nervous system gave me a key concept and a valuable practice that have dramatically improved the success of my coaching/consulting business. During Irene’s presentation, I quickly shifted to embracing positive aggression as a powerful way to have more influence, serve more clients and produce more income. In the next month I made more money in two weeks than I had made in any month since I quit my corporate wellness position nine years previously!”
Lea Bayles, M.A. Holistic Wellness Consultant, Author & Speaker. Corvallis, Oregon.
“Irene is the real deal! She has discovered a way to have your body destress so much that you no longer remember what it’s like to have fear, anxiety or resistance. And since entrepreneurship is inherently stressful, Irene’s work is an absolute must if you want to reach your ultimate potential. She gets my highest recommendation.”
Bill Baren, CEO & Founder of Bill Baren Coaching. Oakland, California.
“Irene’s work has a depth and level of effectiveness to it that is already having a huge impact on me and my business. My team and I were attempting to solve a design issue we’ve been having for a while and I felt my body tighten and my temperature rise. Tension was high. I excused myself and practiced Irene’s 7 steps. The tension in my body subsided, my thoughts got more clear and the frustration and anger subsided almost immediately. I was to solve our problem and return to my team in a calm and powerful state. It was quite extraordinary! Thank you, Irene!”
Denise Warner, Breakthrough Catalyst Coach, Bold Life Design. Shingle Springs, CA.
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