If we could get this right, world peace would be a reality.

Every day I think about childhood neglect and the faulty wiring of little people’s nervous systems.


Most of my clients are seeking out what my colleagues and I do because somewhere along the line (or along their parents line, or their grandparents line, etc.) their needs were not met.

Abuse, adversity, lack of secure attachment and misattunement […]

Do you know what ‘Pay Dirt’ means?

One of my students, Marva, who is in my 12-week nervous system rewire program wrote a comment in our Facebook forum the other day post-USA election results and she gave me permission to share it! (Thank you Marva!)
What I love about this comment is two-fold:
1 – I learned a new saying – what “Pay Dirt” […]

Anger as Medicine: How to Cure Self-Sabotaging Behaviours

“People diagnosed with cancer or autoimmune disease, with chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, or with potentially debilitating neurological conditions, are often enjoined to relax, to think positively, to lower their stress levels. All that is good advice, but impossible to carry out if one of the major sources is not clearly identified and dealt with: the […]

Neuroplasticity. Train tracks are a perfect metaphor.

Our world needs this nervous system intel in a big way right now.

We’re at this point where A LOT of stuff is broken (in humanity) and it needs fixing.

And, from what I’ve seen, this nervous system stuff has the capacity to change things for the better. (But it can also maintain the situations we’re […]

10 Practices for Creating a Safe Space in Your Mind-Body Classes

If you are a yoga, dance, 5 Rhythms, Feldenkrais, meditation, and/or any kind of Teacher that guides groups of people into their body and mind via movement and mindfulness, this is for you!
I’ve been a teacher of movement and mind-body awareness since 1997 so I definitely know a few things about this topic and I’d […]

A Meditation on Meditation

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