That which makes us angry… we share.

I’ve been seeing a trend… whenever I post anything around children being mistreated or adult chronic illness that sets in due to this mistreatment, people perk up and share those posts. Posts like:

Anger as Medicine: How to Cure Self-Sabotaging Behaviours

An Epidemic of Chronic Illness: How Stress, Trauma & Adversity Early in Life Impacts […]

New Symptoms Popping Up During Your Healing Journey? Watch This.

In this question and answer style video, I answer a VERY important question about uncomfortable signs and symptoms that pop up when we enter into a deep healing process with our nervous system. Some might call this a *healing crisis* – but for me, it is simply Healing.

I mention A LOT of important resources in […]

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How to Set Healthy Boundaries in a Toxic Relationship

In this Q&A video, I answer a difficult question around how to set healthy boundaries when a spouse is being um …. not so nice. Not an easy one to answer – but we need to have these important conversations around relationship and what it takes to ensure we set boundaries and look out for […]

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Anger Is Essential… Here’s Why

Anger. What is it?
Pure and simple anger is an emotion.
It’s an essential, high-energy emotion that’s been getting a bad rap for way too long.
When I speak and teach around this topic, the first thought people have is:
“Well, we can’t go around being savages and slay everyone or everything that pisses us off, can we?”
The answer […]

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Are You a Self-Care Junkie?

I’m a big believer in bodywork and getting help from an array of practitioners (mostly somatic and mind-body: osteopathy, massage, Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Somatic Experiencing etc.) when need be.
Today’s video gives you some suggestions for getting the most bang for your buck.
Of course, we don’t always have the time to do what I suggest here, but […]

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Do I Have to Work on Every Single Trauma to Heal My Nervous System?

This is, hands down, one of the more common questions I get.
If you are someone who knows that the amount of early life stress, abuse, toxic shame and then some that you’ve survived is enough to sink a ship, then it can be daunting to even think about starting.
But, rest assured, our intelligent body system […]

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