About Me

I’m Irene Lyon.

I give YOU the Master Key to supercharged energy, unshakable confidence, and the antidote to stubborn health issues that you’ve tried everything to fix.

(Because as you work towards becoming that remarkable human being that is your birthright the last thing you need is burnout, an upper limit problem, depression, anxiety or other pesky health problems rearing their ugly heads.)

This Master Key also helps you to…

  • be remarkably productive in projects and tasks you do on any given day.
  • think and create with crystal-clear focus (instead of getting stuck in “brain fog”).
  • go to sleep peacefully and wake up rested in the morning.
  • excrete toxic waste products (um, poop!) with ease and frequency.
  • tap into that core, intuitive guidance and be more in the “flow.”
  • stay peaceful and calm during times of intense pressure (and deadlines).

Before I tell you more, let me say: I know you may have tried everything from green smoothies to hanging in the woods with shamans to get mind & body breakthroughs.

But… (I’m willing to bet)… you haven’t tried THIS.

I’m talking about going to the SOURCE of your energy, creativity, and all your physical, mental, and emotional processes…


To put it simply… the nervous system governs EVERYTHING.

An out-of-whack nervous system is the reason for problems like chronic fatigue, chronic pain, digestive troubles, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. (That’s the short list.)

The good news? A regulated nervous system provides you with the energy, resources, and drive to do what you’re meant to do on the planet.

And that’s what I do with you. I help you regulate your nervous system so you can up-level your entire life — in a way that supports your body and your purpose.

Who Am I and How Can I Help You?

I’ll tell ya this.

I’ve got credentials. Loads of them. (I’ll get to those in a sec.)

First, a quick summary…

My method comes down to a “scientuitive” perspective.

(Meaning: I use a blend of science, alternative therapies, and intuition to facilitate your body’s natural ability to heal itself.)

My first “apprenticeship” to the nervous system — where I honed my Jedi-like intuition — was through holding hundreds of animals while they were being euthanized or put under for surgery. (My dad is a veterinarian, so this was my after-school job. It’s a deeply delicate dance to hold a panic-stricken animal and help it to feel safe.)

The scientific part of my work is based in Somatic Experiencing and the Feldenkrais Method. (Read the full story of how I discovered this work here.)

For the past 10 years, I’ve helped everyone from Olympic athletes, to wheelchair-bound basketball players, to folks suffering from severe PTSD, to big-deal executives, to online stars.

I’ve seen my clients miraculously improve from back pain, knee pain, chronic pain, fear of public speaking, digestive issues, severe depression, anxiety, developmental trauma, shock trauma, ritual abuse, strokes, and head injuries. (Yet another short list!)

The best part? When they discover how working with this one system (the nervous system), leads to everything falling into place — and their entire lives change for the better.

Here are those shiny credentials…

  • For over 10 years, I’ve studied the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, founder of The Feldenkrais Method. I’m a Feldenkrais Practitioner, and have gone through a 4-year intensive Professional Feldenkrais Teacher Training.
  • As a Feldenkrais Method practitioner, I’ve taught public classes, built a private practice, and even started a project dedicated to educating more people about the wonders of this work and how it is needed in the world.
  • I’m also a Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, with certifications like Somatic Experiencing® Professional Training and Somatic Experiencing Post-Advanced Level Master Classes. I also assist at the Master Class level.
  • And my background in exercise physiology and biomedical science goes back to university. I got my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University (British Columbia, Canada). Later, I received a Master of Science in Research School of Health and Biomedical Science, University of Wollongong (New South Wales, Australia).

Looking for the “fun facts about me” section? I wouldn’t leave you hanging! Get ‘em right here!

Professional Bio

Irene Lyon, MSC., is a nervous system specialist and therapeutic coach who helps everyone — from the mom next door to the next big thought leaders — transform their bodies, businesses, relationships and lives through regulating their nervous systems. She helps people release their deepest traumas from their nervous systems, allowing them to finally heal from chronic mental, physical, and emotional conditions they’ve tried everything to fix. Irene uses these same tools to help entrepreneurs break through the mental, physical, and emotional blocks that arise when taking big leaps in their businesses. As a result, together they create a huge ripple effect across the planet. Irene has intensively studied and practices the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Peter Levine (founder of Somatic Experiencing) and Kathy Kain (founder of Somatic Practice). Irene has a master’s degree in research in the fields of biomedical and health science. She regularly appears on podcasts and online summits teaching all things nervous system health, healing trauma and neuroplasticity.