I don’t want to assume you know what a TED Talk is, so for now I’ll briefly say that they are an amazing resource of knowledge and their tag-line, Ideas Worth Spreading, says it all.

The first TED talk I ever watched was Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroscientist (brain scientist) sharing her experience of having a stroke! It’s a remarkable talk.

Then, there is another type of TED talk that has sprung up in recent years and they are called TEDx talks.

I’ve actually come to enjoy these talks much more. The “x” means an independently organized series of talks that revolve around specific topics (intolerancebecoming youngtime and change), a specific demographic such as youth, or even simply women.

The TEDx talk I’ve highlighted was presented by Lissa Rankin, MD., at the TedxFiDiWomen organized event, and she dives right in by stating:

 “What if I told you that caring for your body was the least important part of your health…what if I told you that the medical profession has it all backwards? 

How’s that for a statement!

Health and medicine have gone through many phases over the centuries and the current Westernized phase is definitely being tested by my colleagues and by those in my generation who are awake and noticing the fact that managing symptoms by popping a few pills isn’t enough, and that taking care of ourselves in a holistic and integrated manner is way up there on the list of “things to achieve” to live a happy, long and fulfilling life.

Dr. Rankin says,

“The body speaks to us in whispers and if we ignores the whispers of the body, the body starts to yell….we are suffering from an epidemic that modern medicine has no idea what to do with.”

Has your body been whispering to you lately?

I’ll encourage you to listen.

Irene & Team Lyon

(ps. she gives you the answers to what makes us truly health around 11 minutes.)

Here is Brene Brown’s Tedx Talk that Lissa mentions in her talk. I’d recommend it too. It’s a good one.