Thank you for being interested in private sessions + extra support with one of my suggested practitioners. All these practitioners work via Skype unless it says otherwise in their description.

Everyone on this list I’ve either worked with in some way in Somatic Experiencing (SE) trainings – because they were either students learning and now they are certified practitioners in SE, or because they were my fellow colleagues that I trained with, or I assisted with.

This list is diverse – many have backgrounds in psychology, clinical counselling and marriage and family therapy, while others come from backgrounds in movement, yoga, Feldenkrais and/or bodywork and/or other forms of mind-body training. (Some have all of the above!)

I’ve provided a very brief bio for most on this list, but I would still suggest you head to their website, or send an email if someone perks up your nervous system in a good way.

Because many of us have multiple certifications and professions, it was impossible for me to list every single detail.

There a few people on this list who aren’t officially certified in Somatic Experiencing (The work of Peter Levine) or Somatic Practice (The work of Kathy Kain) but who have a skill set in healing and helping that I value, trust and respect.

*Do I get a financial cut from these referrals? No. I do not gain any financial benefit from these colleagues.

*Cost & Sliding Scale Requests: I do not monitor, nor ask what my colleagues charge for sessions. I ask that you respect their fees and the level at which they can slide their scales for those who are in financial need. I would also request that you never ask for services or consultation free of charge. Thanks for your understanding.

In CANADA (North American Time Zones)

The order is purely alphabetical and doesn’t represent a person’s expertise level in any way.

* * *

Carie Bicchieri

Lumby, BC

Carie is a practitioner that works with the whole person, accessing the nervous system through the integration of modalities that she has been trained in such as Somatic Experiencing-Peter Levine,TouchingTrauma-Kathy Kain, Feldenkrais® Moshe Feldenkrais, Embodied Life School™ Russell Delman, and she also brings in different self-awareness processes that have emerged over the years.

She is profoundly moved and touched deeply by the fact that when we access the Nervous System at the level of “Being” – experiencing the present moment as it is, we can learn and heal from the past pulling it forward into living life more, alive, vibrant, fresh and true to ourselves in the present moment. Coming home!

Carie’s love of nature, connection and the great feed-back loop of inner and outer forces inform her daily living experience on a continuum. She can offer her presence and some amazing tools, that may give you the ability to discern, differentiate and integrate a harmonious interconnectivity with self and the environment.

* * *

Nicole Lohse 

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nicole believes that for change to happen in this world we must start with ourselves.

Who we are today is shaped by much of our past. And through the exploration of the patterns and habits that make up who we think we are, there is the opportunity for us to shift into who we really are.

Having trained as a yoga teacher, Feldenkrais Practitioner®, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and in Somatic Practice, she values the importance of working with awareness and curiosity at a physiological level. Supporting people in the inquiry of what is possible and witnessing the change and growth individuals make through one-on-one sessions and group classes is what makes her so passionate about the work she does.

Her hopes are for people to gain a greater sense of their capacity and their ability to show up in this world as the better version of themselves.

* * *

Seth Lyon

Due to a very long waitlist, Seth is not currently accepting clients.

$200 CAD per 60 minute session.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Seth comes from a background in music composition, percussion, sound healing, shamanic traditions and energy work. He was introduced to the work of Peter Levine, and Somatic Experiencing (SE) in 2010 and, after using it successfully to heal his own past traumas (namely cPTSD), he decided to study this somatic form of trauma healing. He is also trained in Kathy Kain’s Somatic Practice modality (a form of SE-based touch work) and has deepened his understanding of SE by attending many Master Classes taught in person by Peter Levine.

These highly effective forms of somatic, nervous-system-based trauma healing form the backbone of his practice and he also brings in elements of his past sound healing work, shamanic approaches, and energy work, and combines it all into a unique and effective healing modality all his own, which he calls Lifeforce Liberation.

*Seth, also Irene’s husband, helps to support Irene Lyon with her 12-week nervous system rewire program by hosting Q&A calls and by providing support in the associated Facebook group, as well as in the Healthy Nervous System Revolution Facebook group.

* * *

D’Arcy Macleish

Squamish, British Columbia

D’Arcy has worked as a first responder in mountain rescue for fifteen years. He first came to the SE world as a client of Irene’s, after trying other forms of therapy that were unable to resolve his traumatic experiences. After several years, he made the jump to becoming a practitioner and will be finished with his basic SE studies in December, 2017. His approach is practical, intuitive and touched by his personal understanding of the effects of unresolved trauma on people’s lives.

 * * *

Karen Melin

Squamish, British Columbia

Karen offers clients a strong and skilled presence as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, drawing on more than 30 years of movement coaching and practice, her own healing from chronic illness and multiple shock traumas, and training that includes both Kathy Kain’s Touch Skills for Trauma Therapists and Somatic Regulation and Resilience: Early Trauma.

Karen’s deep intuition and profound capacity to navigate and explain complex systems brings a clear, body-based approach to the healing of shock and chronic stress traumas.

Awed by the human capacity to adapt, and possessing an acute sensitivity to and awareness of the physical body, its relationship to its environment, and protective patterns, Karen supports each client to rediscover greater ease, health, and resilience. As a former national level athlete, Karen undertook a profound exploration during her healing in utilizing physical movement as a resource to develop regulation and coherence throughout the body when one is consciously habituated otherwise; though her clientele is diverse, Karen is uniquely attuned to people for whom this is true and has worked with Olympians, Paralympians and former ballet dancers. Both a scientist and a dancer at heart, Karen regularly collaborates with dance and moving meditation practices to incorporate trauma-based expertise.

* * *

Kim O’Leary

Victoria, British Columbia. CANADA

Kim’s approach to working with others has been shaped and informed by a number of areas and continues to evolve. She has embraced a multi-faceted perspective that is strongly rooted in the area of body oriented psychotherapy and resources. She is a trained social worker and clinical counselor and is trained in Somatic Experiencing, Art Therapy, Hakomi, Somatic Touch Trauma Practice, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and more.

* * *

Luana Rose

$140 per 60 minute session. Video Call or In-Person.

Vancouver, BC
Luana Rose has made it her life’s work to make a regulated nervous system and remarkable relationships attainable for all humans; she came to the work through her own healing journey in 2012. Luana’s approach reflects her base training in Somatic Experiencing as well as the work of Kathy Kain, Stephen Terrell and Tami Lynn Kent. She specializes in developmental trauma, voice training and astrology. 
Luana knows in her bones that the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world is to fully embody all parts of you. She provides her clients with personalized tools to take back their agency and heal on their own terms. Besides being a natural leader who brings honesty, vulnerability and humor to the exploration of difficult topics, Luana’s work delivers practical practices and stress physiology education that gets results. 

* * *

Sheryl Thompson

Vancouver, British Columbia


Sheryl is a firm believer we can re-write our trauma stories through introducing the nervous system as a central character. Trauma is the villain who steals our curiosity, and feelings of safety, competence, and sense of belonging, leaving us with symptoms of nervous system dysregulation including anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorders, codependency, panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, gastrointestinal issues, and chronic pain.

Through the gentle and titrated approach of Somatic Experiencing®, and elements of narrative therapy, Sheryl addresses these symptoms through supporting the release of trapped trauma energy, encouraging the expression of incomplete self-protective responses, and guiding the nervous system back into a state of healthy regulation. Sheryl includes therapeutic touch work as a regular part of her practice. This is profoundly deep work that results in long-lasting changes in the nervous system. We can heal and grow from trauma, and live ‘happily ever after’.

Sheryl strives to continuously update her knowledge in the areas of addiction, chronic pain and trauma through onsite and distance education opportunities. In 2018 Sheryl will complete three levels of advanced training in therapeutic touch work with Kathy Kain.

In The United States of America (North American Time Zones)

The order is purely alphabetical and doesn’t represent a person’s expertise level in any way.

 * * *

Livia Adia

Evanston/Chicago Area, IL, USA

Livia is a thought leader on the integration of neurobiology, somatics, yoga and psychotherapy practices in the healing of addiction, eating and mood disorders and the often underlying acute and chronic traumatization. As well as being an SEP, she is a registered and licensed clinical social worker and has completed a two-year residency at the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy where in 1999 she was initiated into the tradition of the Himalayan Masters. She is a highly skilled therapeutic Yoga practitioner and is also a Reiki Master. She is influenced by the mindfulness training that she has received from Vietnamese Zen Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh.

 * * *

Janice Castelbaum

Bend, Oregon, USA

Janice offers an integrative healing practice drawing from a wide scope of 30 years experience and training.  A Somatic Experiencing Practitioner since 2009, she has completed advanced  Somatic Practice trainings including Touch Skills for Trauma Therapists and Somatic Regulation and Resilience After Early Trauma. She is a certified Watsu practitioner and is influenced by Continuum Movement, a health restoration practice informed by connection to the organic impulse of our fluid nature and structure.

Janice is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica . With a special knack for creating a safe and nurturing space to support the healing process and restore vitality and well-being, Janice delights in touching the body, heart, mind and spirit of the people she serves.

 * * *

Mahshid F. Hager

San Diego, California, USA

Mahshid is a Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed by the Board of Behavioral Sciences in California and has received a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from San Diego State University. She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and has begun her training in Touch Skills with Kathy Kain. She has worked in the field of mental health, in a number of settings in San Diego County, since 1998. Mahshid was born in Iran and raised in Germany and in fluent in Farsi, German and of course, English. Her background gives her the advantage of being mindful and understanding of the powerful cultural and ethnic issues her clients may be facing.

 * * *

Cristal Mortenson

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

A mindfulness based, Integrative Pilates and embodied movement educator for over 15 years, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Organic Intelligence Practitioner, birth doula, Visionary Cranial Sacral Practitioner, infant massage educator and integrative dance mentor; Cristal brings over 26 years of meditation and embodied movement practice into her work with clients.

 * * *

Megan Nigro

Juneau, Alaska, USA

Megan’s blends her knowledge and educational experiences to support her growing ability to be with, recognize, and attend to the organic processes unfolding with her clientele. Therapeutically, Megan is informed most by Steve Hoskinson’s Organic Intelligence®, Dr. Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing®, Kathy Kain’s Somatic [Touch] Practice, and Dr. Stephen Terrell’s Somatic Attachment work. She infuses her therapeutic approach with her additional background in exploratory healing and mindfulness practices such as yoga & ayurveda, chakra sciences, meditation in the Mahayana tradition, Shiatsu and traditional Western bodywork.

 * * *

Vicki Robinson

Seattle, Washington, USA

Vicki Robinson is a Somatic Experiencing and Feldenkrais Practitioner in Seattle, Washington, and has also been a massage therapist with a focus on Neuromuscular Therapy for 36 years. She began studying the Feldenkrais Method 20 years ago in a quest to help people resolve chronic issues around movement and pain. What became apparent to her after years of practice was that trauma often either restricts people from experiencing improvements or prevents them from maintaining positive changes that they have gained. She soon discovered the Somatic Experiencing Method and found that the two modalities function well together to give people renewed access to ways of moving and being in the world. Resiliency and balance can be restored.

Two years ago, Vicki began studying with Kathy Kain, a Somatic Experiencing practitioner who has developed hands-on methods for working with trauma. These tools are particularly useful for people who have experienced complex or early childhood trauma.

Vicki works with a broad variety of clients, and enjoys supporting the best path and tools for clients to have richer, more enjoyable lives where their bodies can be their best ally.

Australian Time Zones

The order is purely alphabetical and doesn’t represent a person’s expertise level in any way.

 * * *

Mark Read-Smith

Auckland, New Zealand

Mark is a nervous system pattern specialist. He works as a somatic therapist and coach for individuals seeking relief from traumas and dysregulation. His approach involves session work, nervous system coaching, email contact, and online audio/video support. Check out his website for more details about his practice, setting up appointments, packages he offers, and social media posts.

*Mark also helps to support Irene Lyon in the bustling and supportive Secret Facebook Forums that are part of her 12-week nervous system rewire program and 21-Day Nervous System Tune Up.

 * * *

Katie Cranor

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Juneau, Alaska, USA
A psychotherapist specializing in early developmental trauma resolution, Katie’s practice assists individuals and families to reconnect to their inner wholeness.  Blending traditional training and therapeutic touch, people experience access to living lives of increased ease. 

Advanced certifications, taught by leaders in the trauma resolution field, have cultivated relationships that support healing the world over.  Somatic Experiencing, Touch Skills for Trauma Therapists, and Somatic Resilience and Regulation are each modalities that continue to highlight the personal and professional observation that nervous system regulation has a profound and life changing impact on everyday living. 

An international move spurred Katie to become proficient in utilizing online resources to nurture healing in clients, regardless of geographic location.  The depth of healing occurring online continues to surprise and inspire her work.

 * * *

Amanda Howe

Sydney, New South Wales

Amanda has trained with the Australian Institute for Relationships Studies to broaden her understanding systemic practice for both couples and family. She continues studies in USA to advance her understanding of how early attachment and bonding patterns developed as infant’s impact our adult relationships.

Therapeutic touch is a component of this training as it helps client’s to tolerate their activations whilst being guided towards co-regulation with another. This is a vital piece which may have been missing in their early attachment history.

 * * *

Francesca Redden

Hobart, Tasmania
Francesca is an intuitive counsellor and Heart-Mind Embodiment Coach who is passionate about empowering people to reclaim their authentic self through the portal of their bodily wisdom. She is a registered counsellor who specializes in trauma healing.

Francesca has been drawn to Somatic Experiencing as part of her special interest in modalities that embody Eastern spiritual principles. She integrates Interpersonal Neurobiology, Internal Family Systems,

Mindful Self Compassion, Non-Violent Communication and Reiki through a nervous system healing lens. She also has a special interest in supporting parents raising children with challenging behaviours to embrace the transformative journey of parenthood through conscious parenting and trauma-informed parenting practices. Francesca believes the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to the world is to commit to our own nervous system healing.

* * *

Carissa Rodgers

Queensland, Australia
Carissa is a Stress & Trauma Therapist in Queensland Australia. She holds a Masters Degree in Gestalt psychotherapy and is a Somatic Experiencing practitioner with extensive training in many counselling modalities including Family constellations.

In her practice Carissa serves clients from the Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Fire & Rescue and the State Emergency Service, as well as those who have experienced early developmental trauma. Prior to entering private practice Carissa has worked for 11 years as a counsellor with diverse populations in community settings.

She is passionate about helping people transition from trauma to triumph, step on their authentic path and live with more presence.  Carissa has a interest in the intersection of sacred practices, movement and nervous system healing. In her spare time she likes to dance and spend time in nature.

* * *

Andrea (Andi) Szasz

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Fluent in English and Hungarian

Andrea’s background includes six years as a Therapist at South Pacific Private (Australia’s leading treatment centre for addictions and mental illness) including four years as the Family Therapist. She currently runs Daring Way™ workshops at South Pacific Private periodically throughout the year.

Other previous employers include; Wesley Eating Disorder Unit, Aids Council Of NSW, the Wayside Chapel and Black Dog Institute. She has also worked in Community Settings with disadvantaged families.

 * * *

Vanessa Worthington

Erina, NSW, Australia

Vanessa works with her clients to reconnect them to their soul presence. Through traumatic experience individuals can be shocked out of connection with self and suffer symptoms of discomfort through to those that are unbearable. Symptoms can be of any form that manifest as thoughts, emotions, physical conditions, difficult relationships and/or frequent and unending bad experiences. Trauma that has occurred very early in life can mean that a person has had a lifetime of disconnect from oneself.

Traumatic experience can also be held in the family system with generational patterns being carried by an individual, causing substantial disorganisation in a persons life that seems unexplainable. This can include chronic illness. Vanessa combines her training in holistic psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, Touch Therapy for Trauma and Systemic Constellations to work with her clients on all levels of their experience – physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual toward their desired way of being.

 * * *

Mihoko Yamaguchi

Sydney & Central Coast, NSW
Fluent in English and Japanese

Cranio Sacral Therapy, SE, SRR and advanced studies in SE.

European Time Zones

The order is purely alphabetical and doesn’t represent a person’s expertise level in any way.

 * * *

Andreas Eberhardt

Vienna, Austria

Fluent in German, Spanish, English.

* * *

Tatjana Lehmann

Fluent in German and English


Tatjana’s first contact with trauma therapy was when she learned the Positive Recreation of the Birth – a body therapeutic way of healing birth trauma by Ebba Boyesen. Her healing journey continued when she got to know Somatic Experiencing®.

In February 2015, she completed the Somatic Experiencing® training, a body-oriented trauma therapy according to Dr. Peter Levine, which inspires her daily in its transformational power. In combination with Somatic Experiencing® she works with Touch Skills for Traumatherapists developed by Kathy Kain.

Her focus is on regaining self-regulation of the autonomic nervous system and by that dissolving the physiological stress pattern and releasing trauma energy in a titrated and safe way. The gain is recapturing life energy and integrating it into the body.

SEPs in Training

These folks are finishing up their basic SE professional training and they are offering a lower fee price point for sessions. They are still learning, but then again aren’t we all.

The order is purely alphabetical and doesn’t represent a person’s expertise level in any way.

 * * *

Mara Yale, Phd

Boston, Massachusetts
Mara is devoted to helping children and adults function better through awareness and touch. She has healed from physical injuries, shifted long-held movement and behavior patterns, and transformed her career. She has been a geophysicist, a software engineer and manager and has recently refocused her scientific attention to help others in their healing journeys.

Mara is a solo parent to two daughters, living near Boston, Massachusetts. Her younger daughter had a stroke at birth from which she’s made a remarkable recovery, largely due to Mara’s skill and advocacy to foster her children’s development. She supports other families to cultivate listening skills which improves life for all members of a family.

Mara is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, trained in Hand-in-Hand Parenting, and training in Somatic Experiencing.

Not SE-Trained but we like them!

These are more alternative practitioners whom I trust. They aren’t formally trained in SE but they have all gone through my 12-week program and apply the nervous system / trauma lens they’ve learned about to their work.

The order is purely alphabetical and doesn’t represent a person’s expertise level in any way.

* * *

Chris Dierkes

Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

Chris is a strong advocate for shamanic forms of healing work and consciousness, and is a Reiki Master in three lineages of Reiki.

His private practice in is soul work and he marries the best of the ancient forms of knowing with a very contemporary look and feel, speaking a language of 21st century spirituality. He’s a soul interpreter and energy healer and speaks the language of both the soul and the spirit and empowers others to learn the language and symbols of their soul and spirit.

Chris spent four years living as a monk in his early twenties and later worked for three years as an Anglican priest in Vancouver, BC. He was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition and has had a lifelong love affair with the Christian mystical tradition, however he is well versed in a diverse range of lineages and teachings.

* * *

Amy Kubanek

Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
In person sessions only due to the nature of her work.

Amy is a Fletcher Pilates® Teacher and Melt Method® Teacher. I recommend her approach if you are in Vancouver and are looking to enhance your kinesthetic knowledge of your muscular/core body.

 * * *

Elia Mrak

Seattle, Washington

Elia Mrak is a dancer. He has performed, taught, and directed dance and movement throughout the last decade of working in Europe, Central/South America, and the United States.

His practice fuses Qigong, trauma-informed movement education, and diverse dance backgrounds. After graduating from Pomona College in 2006-07, he was awarded the Watson Fellowship, which began his career performing, creating and teaching internationally.

Since 2012, Elia has collaborated with Irene Lyon, leading their in-person Up & Down workshops that help rewire and heal the nervous system.

 * * *

Janet Raftis

Atlanta, Georgia, USA – though all work is done via Skype or phone
Janet Raftis has been playing with energy her entire life, and in 2004 she began to do so in a serious way. She began with the study of Reiki and quickly became a Master in the Usui tradition. She has since learned Pranic Healing and Matrix Energetics, and she is able to psychically understand what Spirit wishes to reveal to her clients. As a result, she has created a type of healing that is led by her intuition and personalized to each individual’s unique needs.

One of Janet’s gifts is the ability to psychically see the root cause of trauma and imbalance in the system that may be showing up through symptoms and illness. As a result of the education she received through Irene’s Smart Body, Smart Mind program, Janet has been able to incorporate energy healing techniques that support the recovery of the nervous system while also providing her clients with

intuitive insights to help them release the trauma and stress that created the dysregulation. She has a thriving healing practice, teaches intuitive development, leads spiritual circles, and hosts retreats around the world.

* * *

Violet Van Hees

Whitehorse, Yukon, CANADA

Violet is a Feldenkrais Practitioner®, a Tellington TTouch® Equine Practitioner, and a BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders with an extensive background in movement science, applied biomechanics, energy work and teaching. She’s also completed Kathy Kain’s “Touching Trauma: Touch Skills Training for Trauma Therapists” Somatic Practice training, which is grounded in Dr. Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing work.