Get the Master Key to Incredible Health

side effects include:

Better Brains, Remarkable Relationships & Sustainable Success

I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve tried it all (a zillion cleanses, coaching, therapy, meditation, yoga, energy work…) And after all this “work” you’ve done on yourself, you wonder:

“Why am I still stuck?”
(Or sick, anxious, blocked — or just not feeling as AMAZING as you want to feel).

There’s something deeper holding you back.

The good news?

It’s also the key to skyrocketing EVERY area of your life forward:


What If You

  • Could launch a major project without stressing out, breaking down, or burning out?
  • Had nonstop energy to do your important work (with brilliant ideas overflowing)?
  • Stopped playing small because your deepest emotional blocks were finally released?
  • Purged anxiety, guilt, and fear from your daily life?
  • Finally got rid of the stubborn health issues holding you back?

It’s all possible when you work on the deep level of the nervous system.


Ready to Start Your Healing Journey on Your Own?
The 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up is for You.

A Self-Study, Online Course that Blends Cutting-Edge Neuroscience with Crafty NeuroSensory Exercises

Designed to spark up your nervous system powers and unlock your remarkable self, this course starts the moment you sign-up. Then, for 21 days, you’ll get an e-mail every day that includes one of the following:

  • Easy-to-follow audio exercises for practicing do-it-yourself neurofeedback.
  • Vital nervous system science via my signature video training series “The Biology of Stress.”
  • Juicy tidbits and hand-picked resources to keep your newly formed connections firing towards healthier habits.
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“Each person needs to study themselves – this course is a wonderful guide to help us do that. Irene has a wonderful voice, pacing, and manner of speaking that makes the audio lessons easy to follow and comforting. The exercises we covered expanded the sophistication of my approach to continued self-understanding and self-maintenance.”
Mark Fan, Engineer & Researcher, Toronto, Canada

Want to Work Intimately with Irene
in an Online, Group Environment?

Upgrade from the Inside Out to Dissolve Old Programming, Tap Into Reserves of Energy
and Skyrocket Your Health and Confidence.

Registration is not yet open for our Spring 2017 session but you can join the wait list when you click through to the page below.

This 12-week intensive program will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to make a massive shift for the better in all areas of your life by working at the core level where all your stuck energy lives – your nervous system

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“[Irene’s] course has left me so much more empowered to make changes in my life and handle stress than years of meditation. Irene has found the perfect blend of do-able, helpful and interesting lessons that will appeal to people very new to body work as well as people who have been doing body practices for awhile. Irene has the unique gift to blend the science and the practice into a course that feeds your mind, body and spirit. I was really blown away.”
Jo Ilfeld, Ph.D., Executive Leadership Coach, Berkeley, California.


More and more research is telling us that to have a healthy brain and life we MUST put the focus on our body!

This 3-day retreat will be a blend of Feldenkraisian awareness through movement lessons, dance, and lively discussion.

Each day will be rich and full of opportunity to get active and moving in a creative way and to quietly investigate and explore your body and mind with the support of myself and my expert co-teacher, Elia Mrak.

Questions, discussions and full participation of ideas and sharings will be an integral part of these three days.

Vancouver, British Columbia. March 1-4, 2017

New York, New York. June 5-8, 2017

“I worked with Irene to prepare for my first 3 day teaching assignment. I was concerned that I wouldn’t have the energy or stamina to teach for 8 hours over a three day period. By listening to Irene’s teleclasses and having a session with her, my anxiety over teaching the class went away. Throughout the 3 days, I was able to feel grounded in body. Most importantly, I was able to be present for the students. It was amazing how an hour call and listening to three short lessons (25 minutes or less to listen) could help me feel confident and secure in my ability to deliver my class. I would recommend Irene to anyone trying to overcome stage fright or dealing with fatigue.”
Michelle Mendoza, SPHR founder of Connect to HR, LLC.
“Irene is a MASTER at integrating mind, body and soul in a way that clears away the blocks I didn’t even know were getting in the way of my success. No one does it quite like Irene.”
Michael Liquori, Founder of Sound Watershed, San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

Private Therapeutic Mentorships

Maybe you’ve “tried everything” and you’ve heard this “nervous system stuff” can break through those deep, stubborn blocks.

Or, you’re ready to uplevel in a massive way, and want the term “upper limits” gone from your vocabulary.

In these private therapeutic mentorships, you’ll get the missing link that can shift everything. We’ll heal the traumas stuck in your system that have been unknowingly holding you back. As you begin regulating your nervous system, you’ll discover a new sense of ease, comfort, and confidence in your business, body and life.

Some other results you might experience from our 1:1 work together are:

  • healing debilitating health issues (that you’ve tried everything to fix).
  • non-stop creativity and an abundance of mental focus.
  • endless reserves of energy (without relying on adrenaline kicks that lead to burnout).
  • a newfound ease with “being seen” and putting yourself out there.

And we’re just getting started.

I am not currently accepting any private therapeutic mentorship clients. I am also not currently adding anyone to the waitlist.

If you do wish to work with me, my 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up is a great place to start (private client openings get offered to those who have done a minimum of this program) or you can enroll in the next SmartBody SmartMind, which is my 12 week advanced program, if you wish to go even further.