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Why Do We Humans Get “Stuck” in our Traumatic Events While Animals in the Wild Don’t?

There is much to be learned from our fuzzy and furry friends. They know how to resolve and renegotiate their traumatic events (being chased by predators, hit by cars, flying into kitchen windows) by tapping into their biological intelligence. They simple do what nature gave them in the first place.  As socialized human animals (that would be you and me), after traumatic events we tend to override our built-in biological strategies for renegotiation. When we do this overriding, we suppress the stress of the trauma in our body. Then over time things like post-traumatic stress and other more common-day symptoms (migraines, chronic muscle tension and fatigue etc.) and chronic illnesses (autoimmune, skin conditions etc.) overtake us as a result of this stress being trapped in the body.


The Slinky Explanation

In this video clip Dr. Levine uses the “The ‘Slinky Explanation” to teach about trauma being trapped in the body and how it can be released gradually. This gradual release of energy, allows the body’s natural mechanisms to reset. When you suppresss the energy that is associated with trauma in your body that is when symptoms and syndromes can arise which often present themselves with “no known cause”, something very prominent in Western Medicine.

If this interests you, Dr. Levine has written a new book titled “In An Unspoken Voice: How the body releases trauma and restores goodness“. I highly recommend it.