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Experience in yourself what happens when you watch fresh, curious and unabridged life create and craft a new nervous system along with the world that goes with it!

I had a hunch 2 years ago that something never before done in the Feldenkrais community might be well-received. Truth be told, I desperately hoped it would be well-received. For many reasons. Looks like I “hunched” correctly.

Who’s responsible for this?

Myself and the laser-focused dedication of my partner in crime with this brainchild Jenn Strom posted this beauty of a video clip on Youtube on July 24th, 2010.

In 5 days this three minute and twenty one seconds had been viewed 3806 times; in 6 days 4500 times; in 7 days over 5400 times.

2 weeks later we are at 8457 views…!

and about 4 weeks later…at 14, 617….

Update today on on December 10th, 40,009

ON August 13, 2011 + 84,763!!


Thanks for watching and reading!