I want to cultivate a tribe of folk who are truly interested in becoming ‘curators‘ of their own bodies. I’ve written more about this idea here, but in essence, here’s the shortened version:

When we actually understand how our body works, what its default states & grooves are, how to listen to our pains and treat them with humane care, rather than the all too common industrious pounding and neglect, real stuff can change. And these changes can stay.

This is when we start to become our own medicine. Curators of our own health.

The “get-quick-fixed-drive-thru-I-want it yesterday” kind of society that’s been created needs some sort of facelift. And, as tacky as it may be to quote a song Michael Jackson once sung called “Man in the Mirror”, I’m going to do it anyways:

“And no message could have been any clearer, if you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make that change”

Some think it’s time.
Some think we aren’t ready.

I’m of the former, more “man-in-the-mirror” kind of thinking.

For instance, rumour has it that the ONLY thing that prepares you for being a parent, is in fact, “being a parent”. If there is any truth to this rumour, then we’ll never be “ready” to make these kinds of changes. We just gotta try it out.

Perhaps I’m one of those deluded optimists who really wants to find that glorious pot of gold filled with delectable goodies on the other side of our overly medicated Westernized rainbow of a society. I’m OK with that.

If you are too, then consider joining my optimism (and delusion). I’d love the company.