Our DNA is a spiral. Two spirals twisted together that biologists call “The Double Helix”.

Our bones have spiral-like qualities to them too. This gives them their strength, resiliency and shock absorption prowess.

Our muscles aren’t attached to our bones in straight lines either, so why the heck do we walk and run and exercise (typically) in straight lines?

This perplexes me.

I was teaching one of my classes last Wednesday and it was palpable to me how much more ALIVE the room felt (as well as the participants) when everyone started moving and grooving their entire body with the simple idea of a spiral. Spirals with the spine, pelvis, hips, shoulders, ALL OF IT connecting together to move their human frame forward in space with greater ease and lightness.

Feeling this for the first time can make a person giddy. There was much laughter in class. Perhaps some people were sensing their body as “light” for the first time ever!

Simply thinking and sensing “spiral” moves our body through space much easier. Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it?

Here’s a little video treat that shows some serious spirals in action

To be continued……Irene.