A little while back, I was having some troubles sleeping.

You know. Tossing, turning, worrying. And – because I am the luckiest girl in the world – my sweetie (Seth) recorded this guided meditation to help me drift into some much needed slumber. I loved the imagery so much that I thought, “Hey, others might like this too!”. So, this afternoon, with his recording savvy, and ability to compose ‘quaint little jingles in a blink of an eye’, he put together this little audio gem.

Maybe it will help you relax and take a breath (or two, or three).

Enjoy (just click on the link below)!

Ocean and Moon Nighttime Imagery

Thanks Seth!

PS. I will begin recording my own guided movement and sensory-rich lessons. Soon. They’ll go live on The Human Groove as soon as they are ready to go.  Stay Tuned. And, because it’s easy to miss them when they get published on the blog, be sure to SIGN UP for Recent Posts.