Everyone OBSESSES about their posture.

Do you?

The trouble is, Western society has some crazy ideas about how to find good posture. It’s a huge problem, actually, because many of those ideas screw us up. In fact, more often than not, they’ll actually make your posture worse, and your functional daily activities will be inefficient and tiresome.

Have a listen to these audio pieces I created just for you about finding your perfect posture.

Intro to Potent Posture (~5mins)

Beginners Body Scan for Your Potent (~10mins)

OH, and some of those these crazy ideas that I mentioned above are:

  •       Bringing your “Shoulders Back!”
  •       Pushing that “Chest Out!”
  •       Oh, tighten that tummy (aka: contract that ‘core’)
  •       Tuck that butt under
  •       Bring your chin in
  •       or the best one EVER: Stand Straight (what really does that mean anyways?)

TRY THOSE. I’ll dare you to do them all at once.

Did ya do it?

Now tell me:

  •       Do they actually feel good to do?
  •       Can you breathe?
  •       Do you think your insides can function well like this?
  •       Is THIS really good posture?
  •       Most importantly, can you SMILE easily to others when you’re fixed like this?