“Synapses need to be fed, not fried” Navjit Kandola


I stumbled upon this wonderful little piece of personal insight on Twitter of all place!

Our synapses are important, and yes, they do need feeding not frying.

[Nerve] synapses, are those little things that keep the communication between our cells jiving. They need time to rest. They need time to be active. They also need time for some different ‘stuff’ from time to time.

(Actually, the little black squiggly lines that are behind this post, and that frame the page are nerves, and between them (you have to imagine because a synpase is an active ‘happening’ not a static entity that can be drawn) are the synapses that keep your body working)

Recently, a had a young one come and see me. 

By young, I mean someone under the age of 35 who is yet to succumb to many of the common inevitabilities of ‘aging’ and ‘poor use of body’ in our Westernized world.

She came in at just the right time:

her synapses were ready for some much needed food. She had not yet come to the point of ‘frying’ her synapses. And because of this, they drank up the feeding, gulped it up, and quickly she was better.

I wish ALL people this age has the smarts to seek out answers when common-day modalities aren’t working for them. This is how I got into the work I do.

This young one [Susie is her real name] just sent me a note about her experience with me and I thought I’d share it with you:

 “I was experiencing aching pain in my right glute/hip/ lower-back region. It was the most aggravated by work, running and biking. I would get relief from massage but it always managed to creep back. The pain would sometimes be so persistent that it would wake me up at night. So frustrating. I am very lucky to have heard about feldenkrais/ Irene and the powerful effects of re teaching (re connecting) mind and body within space. After listening to a bit of my history and clues from my feet and general alignment, Irene noticed some faulty functional movement patterns going on in my foot-knee-hip area. With two simple concepts she taught me, I have noticed greater freedom of movement within my hip muscles from creating a better muscle harmony on all sides in order for the muscles to not fight each other. It is something I have to consciously think about but with time it will become natural for my body to move in this new painless way. I am so glad I found Irene sooner than later. If we put these unwanted stresses on our bodies for too long, recovery becomes longer and more difficult.” Susie Zabilka, Whistler, BC.

“If we put these unwanted stressed on our bodies for too long recovery become longer and more difficult.”

She’s right!