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One of the more common complaints I hear from my clients is that their hamstring muscles are super duper tight.

No matter how much stretching and yoga they do that darn muscle remains tight and rigid.

Want to know why this always happens?


Muscle Mechanics 101

Muscles have two main jobs.

They contract and they relax, and within this synchrony and dance of contraction and relaxation you get movement.

When you “stretch” with force and unnecessary strain – with only the muscle as the primary focus – you aren’t getting to the root of why the muscle is tight in the first place.

The real culprit behind muscular tightness is inefficient and disorganized movement. When this happens muscles begin acting more like bones, like your structural support. This will lead to muscles working harder than they need to, leaving the capacity for easy and graceful movement even more diminished.

When this happens movement feels like work as opposed to pleasurable play.

The tightness doesn’t actually live in your muscle tissue, it is housed amongst the interaction between your muscle, your skeleton, the way in which your nervous system recruits movement and how all this connects with how you carry yourself in the world.


Your muscles haven’t been bad, so please don’t punish them!

Give them some slack and maybe ease up on those hardcore stretches or that yoga practice that is making you tighter and stiffer and take a leap into a new paradigm by giving this audio lesson a go.

This lesson specifically targets those tight hamstring muscles, but it will also affect your standing posture, your hip mobility and spinal flexibility!

You’ll need about 50 minutes and a flat seated chair or low level kitchen table to do this lesson.

You’ll also need the capacity to open up your curiosity to a more gentler way of treating your aches and pain. 🙂

Try it out.

I’ve had folks who have never previously touched their toes be able to do so easily after this lesson!

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