IN THIS EPISDOE – The state of your nervous system is a very big deal. Why? Because your nervous system governs literally every system in the human body and massively influences how you show up in the world. More conversations around nervous system health are being had thanks to people like Irene Lyon, who is Courtney Townley’s guest on this Grace & Grit podcast. Irene and Courtney have talked extensively on this show about the workings of the nervous system and even the impact nervous system regulation has on our ability to create long-term behavior change. In this episode, they are taking a slightly different approach to the conversation of nervous system healing by exploring the interplay between nervous system health and exercise. More specifically, in this episode they explore… How nervous system regulation impacts our capacity to exercise, How exercise influences nervous system regulation, What the state of your “tissues” might be telling you about nervous system issues, Practical steps for honoring nervous system health as you engage with exercise, Why we can experience “emotional releases” as we exercise, … and so much more.