IN THIS EPISODE – We talk about how we develop and interact with our nervous system along with insight on the polyvagal theory. Kayla Osterhoff’s guest is Irene Lyon who helps people around the world to transform trauma to heal their body and mind. They discuss: 4:00 Nervous system training methods, 7:00 Common trauma causing plateaus, 7:30 Somatic experiencing, 8:20 How to restore the nervous system, 14:50 Polyvagal branches, 26:00 How to modulate the nervous system, 29:00 Treating deregulation in our nervous systems, 30:00 How our polyvagal develops in our adolescence, 33:20 Perpetual trauma due to lack of awareness, 37:00 Tips on improving mental regulation, 40:00 Listen to your impulses, 43:00 why “don’t shove it away”, 45:00 Being connected to the environment.