IN THIS EPISODE – Rebecca Leigh talks with Nervous System Expert, Irene Lyon, about her incredibly powerful method of healing that can literally change the world and raise a generation of healthy children, inside and out! What you’ll get from this episode: examples of events that can happen in uterine to the age of 3 that can express themselves as pain or illness as an adult; how gut issues, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance, reproductive issues, autoimmune, etc can be linked back to unpleasant or traumatic events in childhood; how family life & school stress can express as health issues later in life; toxic shame vs. healthy shame; dealing with unwanted behaviours like tantrums; how our societal rules around food can cause stressors for children, picky eaters, how does this start?; and a BIG tip to help your children work through a stressful event in a healthy way.