IN THIS EPISODE – Joel Rafidi & Yerasimos delve into the profound journey of healing from Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) with the guidance of Nervous System Expert Irene Lyon and the poignant insights of SRA survivor Max Lowen, who also does her own healing work with other survivors. Together, they explore the complex interplay between trauma and the body’s nervous system, offering a unique perspective on recovery and resilience.

Some of the topics include:

  • The Soul Journey, Choice & Predestination
  • What Is Evil?
  • Max’s Personal Healing Journey
  • What Causes a Lack of Empathy?
  • The Importance And Power Of Intuition
  • Do We Have Free Will?
  • Connecting To Nature

This episode offers a rare look at the intersection of the science of trauma and personal experience, where Irene and Max provide both practical advice and philosophical insights. Their discussion aims to empower others on their healing journeys by providing a deeper understanding of the physiological and psychological aftermath of extreme trauma and the pathways to recovery.