IN THIS EPISDOE – Do you ever find yourself feeling numb, paralysed, frozen, or overwhelmed with anger?

You’re not alone. Ellie Goode, sits down with Irene Lyon, a top-ranked nervous system expert, to unpack these challenging emotions together.

They dive into the science of “kill” energy, the fight or flight response, and shed light on societal conditioning that often restricts us from harnessing these protective mechanisms.

This episode is not just about navigating anger and rage; it’s about understanding our bodies and minds on a deeper level.

Through shared experiences with Feldenkrais and Irene’s background in exercise science and biomedical health science, they explore the importance of somatic practices and trauma works.

They also delve into how our knowledge of the human system can provide an effective healing path for people struggling with injuries.

Lastly, they cast an eye on the work-rest dynamic and share insights on maintaining a healthy balance. Transitioning from offline to online work, they discuss the importance of pushing boundaries and the challenges that come with it.

Irene also shares her experiences and lessons on differentiating accurate impulses from inaccurate ones.

This episode intertwines theory and practicality, providing you with transformative insights into healing your nervous system and managing anger.

Time stamps:
0:00 – Intro
5:40 – Somatic Practices and Trauma Work
18:01 – The Balance Between Pushing Through Resistance vs. Rest
33:45 – Healing Your Nervous System
41:08 – Managing Rage and Chemical Sensitivity
57:57 – Rage and Nervous System Regulation