IN THIS EPISODE – Sarah Kleiner talks with Irene Lyon about the nervous system and how trapped stress and survival energy can cause our body to downregulate, slow the metabolism down, and create dysfunction in the gut and thyroid. Trauma and trapped survival stress may not be as obvious as you think. You will learn: How you can still have stored survival stress even if you had a pretty good childhood or no major traumatic experiences. What stored survival stress looks like and how it is creating dysregulation. How stored survival stress creates imbalances within the body that manifest as illness. How we can be living completely functional lives yet have these stubborn weight loss or autoimmune issues that continue to pop up and create havoc no matter how perfectly we follow a specific diet or how perfect our self-care routines are… and why is that? Maybe you’re doing everything right and you are super frustrated with minimal results… nervous system regulation is another place to look.