IN THIS EPISODE – Everywhere you look there is a brand new nervous system expert promising to heal you through their work. But we need to remember that there are many ways for us to heal the body, not just one way. Listen in as Sarah Kleiner speaks with Irene Lyon who provides you with some real life actionable tools on how to heal your nervous system, help decipher who to trust, what actually works and what could actually be a danger to your body.

The key moments in this episode are:

02:03 – Irene Lyon’s background and training

10:25 – Online explosion of somatic experts

12:49 – Addressing Trauma and the Human System

17:44 – Complexity of the human body

21:17 – Healing stored trauma and procedural memories

24:59 – Nervous System Reset and Individualized Protocol

28:50 – Reframing the idea of “resetting” your nervous system

46:47 – Smart Body, Smart Mind

49:13 – Understanding ‘Rest and Digest’ Nuances

55:23 – Free Resources and Course Discount Offer