Earlier this month, I made a (rare-ish) guest appearance on the ‘Think Unbroken’ podcast. Host, @michaelunbroken and I chatted about how trauma can leave us feeling trapped, stuck and/or disconnected from our bodies. We also explored how restoring regulation to the nervous system can positively impact our health on many levels (physical, mental, emotional to name a few).

It’s a conversation well worth listening to* (and not too long, either – under one hour). ??️? Check it out via of the channels (Spotify, YouTube, etc.) linked on the episode page below:

To conversations worth having (and listening to), and to your nervous system health!


PS – Michael is an interesting cat and hero in his own right, especially if you’re keen to know more about the link between childhood trauma and ‘learning disorders’ like dyslexia. A child abuse survivor himself, he now helps others on the journey of trauma healing via his podcast & other channels  ?❤️