“It’s appalling how we disuse the body.”

Says Steve Paxton, the founder of contact dance improvisation.

I’ve written about what he speaks about, his ethos if you will, in a blog post from last year titled “Would you drive a Ferrarri that way?.”

Check out the video below.

If you can manage no distractions while watching this, just simple listening, I’d recommend this.

Then I’d recommend a decision about how you’d like to proceed with your human movement into your future years here on planet Earth.

This. Is Why. I TEACH. People how to move.

This. Is Why. There are people out there. Who must RE-TEACH us how to move.

We’ve completely lost touch of what is bred into us – our natural movement abilities – from the beginning. Bonus points if you watch this video after the one below.

Hopefully, one day, such movement teachers will be seen more as “doctors”, as opposed to the starving eccentric creative artist.

This is my wish.

PS here’s one soul, a future “doctor-colleague”, who’s taught me much this past year and re-inspired me to get back to “dance” – we’ll be collaborating in the new year