I want to tell you about Kris Carr.

I had the pleasure of shaking Kris’ hand last week while in NYC. She glows. Luminous would be the adjective I’d use. She is the poster child for self-care and prevention. She even named November “National Prevention Month”.

Here’s what she wrote on her blog today:

“Last week I decided to totally hijack the entire prevention movement and throw all chronic disease, shit pickles, emotional BS and dis-ease into one month of self-care awareness. We’re calling November “National Prevention Month” – for everything!,  

[ ], In 1971 – the year I was born – President Nixon and Congress declared war on cancer. So what’s happened in the 40 years since?”

Oh, that’s such a good question Kris.

In 2003, Kris was diagnosed with the worst kind of cancer you could get: in-operable and “un-treatable”. (at least by Western medical standards).

What did she do? She turned her cancer into her “guru” and she went on a journey that taught her how to be “the CEO of her body”.

Her documentary is called “Crazy Sexy Cancer“. Here’s the trailer. It’s inspiring. Worth 8 minutes of your time. It might change something in you.

This trailer shows the gamut of stuff one does when needing to fully heal and figure out terminal illness. It’s eating whole nutritious foods, AND,

everything under the holistic and Eastern philosophy Sun, AND, crying, wailing at times, laughing, dancing, writhing, grieving and eventually, coming out on the other side and tipping your well-being spectrum from “not well” to “fully well”, such that you can share your story and teach others.

And around and around we go….

Prevention. Kris is all about prevention. So am I. We can do so much right now.

It simply takes the desire to be on the prevention bus. It also means staying on that bus.

Ready to get on it?

to be continued……Irene.