Us in the Western world have been bull-dozed by postural ideals, and sadly, the status quo for good posture can actually do us more harm than good.

We are constantly trying to satisfy an aesthetic norm (e.g., tummy in, chin high, shoulders back etc.), or even our mothers cry of, “For God-sake child, don’t slouch and sit up straight!“, and in this attempt we contract muscles unnecessarily, pull ourselves out of functional skeletal alignment and are in constant fear about whether or not we are standing correctly.

Many of us fail to realize what our bodies are truly designed for: the ability to move within our environment for the task and/or need at hand.

And then, I might add, with the least amount of effort, with vitality, a sense of power when need be, or even an ability to truly chill out and relax, and maybe even slouch when need be.

Posture isn’t a static thing. It is dynamic.

Good health is being able to access the posture we need, such to minimize the amount of energy we use, and move ourselves through life in the most organized and efficient way possible.

Our course, we need practice to find this elusive point of reference because we’ve fallen so far away from it.

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It’s a good way to start this practice.