“Tis true, that title!

Someone once told me to keep the words, nervous system, off of my website. 

Funny, right? 

Chances are that you are here BECAUSE you’re interested in healing (and regulating) your nervous system. 

Which is awesome, by the way.

But a few years back, this concept was relatively foreign and thankfully with some recent happenings in science, research, and one key TED talk (I mention this in today’s video) … we are finally moving towards more awareness on this topic. 

With more awareness on the nervous system we are becoming better informed with what trauma is, how it impacts our nervous system, why it ripples out to all aspects of life, and what must be done to heal, for real. 

Watch my first video of 2020 and what I’m thinking about right now … 

I hope you know you are part of a global community that’s growing, learning, and helping to heal humanity. I know that seems like a bold thing to say, but it is 100% true.

Be very proud that you are here. I am that you are.

Much goodness to you this January,


* * *

Resources I Mention In The Vlog:

TED TALK: How childhood trauma affect health across a lifetime

VIDEO TRAINING: Healing Trauma Video Series