Yes. You can do this work while on medication. It’ll be important to consult your doctor and have a good medical team as you move through the program as it is not a replacement for therapy or medical care. It is educational in nature and offers practices that help you attune and reconnect with your body and nervous system.

The main thing is to go slow, pace yourself, be gentle on yourself, and take in the information with curiosity and ease. Go at your pace and stop when needed. And ask questions in the private program site, if you are a member, or in Irene’s private Facebook group, Healthy Nervous System Revolution.

It’ll also be important to be aware that part of healing trauma (stored up survival stress) is that when one starts to ‘thaw,’ uncomfortable sensations and activations are common and are part of the process, as we are allowing that which has been trapped for so long to come out, finally. The key is to err on the side of doing less, so the system grows capacity and foundations. This way, when those sensations and activations arise you can navigate them more easily.