Can I get CEUs for this?


We can offer you a document of completion and the live session hours.

Can I get CEUs for this?2022-08-19T17:42:57-07:00

Will I be able to ask Irene a question?


I will be hosting a Q&A live session on Thursday, February 16 with my husband and colleague Seth Lyon to answer your questions. We will also guide you to different areas online wherein you can ask Irene's professional team questions if you can't make it live.

Will I be able to ask Irene a question?2023-01-19T16:23:23-08:00

Do these recordings expire?


NEVER! All recordings are for you to keep, use, and review whenever you wish!

Do these recordings expire?2022-08-19T17:41:33-07:00

Do I get recordings?


YES! All live sessions are recorded and will be sent to you after via email.

Do I get recordings?2022-08-19T17:40:49-07:00