While we don’t often recommend children take our courses, as the verbiage will not be absorbed by them, the bare truth is –> if you (parent, caregiver etc…) do this important work for yourself, you will naturally begin to change and heal the relationship with your kids. You’ll view your role as a parent through a fresh lens and you’ll have more capacity to deal with any issues that arise. And you’ll naturally pass this knowledge and increased regulation down to your kids who can then bring this education on board and begin to understand their own nervous systems better. It’s super cool to see it happen. It’s like osmosis, they pick up the new behaviour and learned healing through you. 

It is possible that a teenager can participate in Irene’s content but they would have to be excited about it on their own, so they would have to be that relatively rare teenager who is naturally interested in trauma, nervous system health, stress physiology, etc… It won’t work if they are only doing it because the parent wants them to, but if they ARE keen and genuinely interested in the work then yes, it’s something that could benefit them.