The 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up is more of an intro to Irene’s work. Think of it as an appetizer before the main meal. This course is a self-study, so the amount of time spent is totally up to you. In total, there are 9 neurosensory exercises, 5 videos, and 3 bonuses – including the private Member’s area where Irene’s trained moderators are there to support your questions.

SmartBody SmartMind™ (SBSM™) goes into much more detail and you can pause and take it at your own pace if you need to. With SBSM™, you get 34 lessons, practices, 5 biology of stress videos, live Q&A calls, live training calls, movement lessons, a supportive area to ask your questions, and lifetime access to all the material, plus access to the 21 Day course. 

There is no “right” first place to start. You need to go with your gut sense or intuition as to which program is a good fit for you. Whichever you may choose, the education and practices from either program will start you on your nervous system healing journey.