being your own medicine

Get healed, or (better yet), facilitate your own healing. Musings on the word “healer”.

2024-04-26T23:11:48-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, Pain & Chronic Illness, Unabriged Musings: Anecdotes from personal life|

In my life, two major (health-related) events have catalyzed my quest for learning very detailed ‘stuff’ about my own body and various healing modalities and medicines. The first were a handful of pretty bad knee injuries that weren’t getting better with conventional therapies (actually the knee pieces got fixed [...]

Biomimicry: How easy it is to forget the simple things in life.

2024-04-30T16:17:33-07:00Mental Health & Neuroplasticity, Unabriged Musings: Anecdotes from personal life|

Biomimicry. Ever heard of it?  (a free exercise below - keep scrolling) "Biomimicry, as described (and popularized) by Janine Benyus, is the practice of using nature as a model to develop sustainable designs and processes." Taken from Wikipedia, they define it as: "The examination of nature, its models, systems, [...]